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“Mabool” by Orphaned Land

Artist: Orphaned Land
Title: “Mabool”
Label: Century Media Records
Release Date: 4/6/2004
Genre: Ethnic Power Metal
Rating: 8/10

With “Mabool” as their debut release on Century Media Records; Orphaned Land has returned with a very interesting take on the traditional power metal standard. Across the length of the CD, “Mabool” essentially defies that which is considered a requirement for those that travel the path of this genre. However, despite how weird this statement might seem, this CD works on all levels. Instead of just power chords and slamming musicianship you are treated to a unique blend of Power, Classical, Ethnic and even Jazz at some points. There is a number of different vocal styling delivered across the piece as well as some Narration, and truly this is just a very magical CD. I like the fact that this interesting mix even defies that of most Progressive bands that focus on Metal. The strong emphasis on the Ethnic aspect in this piece is due to the bands origins in Israel where Kobi Farhi, Yossi Sassi & friends give us the story of “Mabool” (or The Flood). It is a legend based on the Sons Of The Seven, and it takes us through their journeys as they try to prevent the Wrath Of God from striking upon the Land. It is truly a tale of Biblical proportions and while steeped in that area of life, it is not religious in the sense that Stryper is. This is more rooted in the mythology side or passed down tales.
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