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Iron Maiden Announces Studio Catalog Remasters: Phase 1

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The Press Release:
BMG will continue their reissues series of the IRON MAIDEN catalog with The Studio Collection – Remastered, covering the band’s sixteen-strong studio albums across their career to date.

Following on from 2014/2017’s black vinyl releases and 2015’s Mastered for iTunes project, The Studio Collection – Remastered will be released on the Digipak CD format, with the track listing matching the original U.K. releases. The recordings are taken from the same remasters as the 2015 hi-res digital releases. The albums will be released chronologically in batches of four, across a nine-month period superseding the previously available studio catalog and all titles will also be made available on streaming platforms. As a bonus for collectors, one CD from each batch of releases will also be optionally available in a specially artworked box featuring a 1:24 scale figurine and exclusive patch. In the November 16th batch, this will be The Number Of The Beast.

Maiden founder member and bassist Steve Harris says, “We’ve wanted to revisit these for a long time and I was delighted with the remastering we did in 2015. I thought it was the best that our albums have ever sounded and it was only right that we made them available on CD now too.”

All four albums in this first batch are available for pre-order now from https://666.ironmaiden.com/music.

1st batch: November 16th:
Iron Maiden / Killers / The Number Of The Beast (option of standard or collectors boxset edition including TNOTB Eddie figurine and patch) / Piece Of Mind

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: My sincere apologies for getting this information to you later than planned but these aren’t coming out for a few weeks yet and you’ll be able to order them with ease and no fear of their running out of the supply. I have had the entire catalog in my collection for as long as I can remember, and well, I mean the older stuff like these releases and I cannot wait to get my hands on the newly mastered set. Who knows, perhaps I will even review them for the website database because having Iron Maiden back catalog can’t be bad for Google searching. What do you think about this initiative? Will you be gifting your old Maiden CD’s to a worthy successor while you add these new ones to your collection? Fill me in down in the comments below. You know you wanna.

Official Website: http://www.ironmaiden.com

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The Super7 Iron Maiden “Eddie” ReAction Figures Are Gonna Getcha!

It was back during the 2017 Toy Fair in February that I first learned of the Super7 work in progress “ReAction Figures” that would bring Iron Maiden’s famous mascot Eddie to action figure collectors everywhere but unfortunately there was not yet a prototype to see and only scaled cardboard image to examine. Months later at NY Comic Con there were some prototypes to examine but not to purchase. I shared that image as fast as possible on our Official Instagram and am repeating it here for those who might not have been following us yet.

Now the time for waiting is over, well, kinda sorta since we still have a week to wait until these awesome action figures can be ordered. Behold the full first series of Eddies – There are four in total and each showcases a different character that the famed mascot became on an album or song. I’ve used the company’s official photography since they did such a fine job of presenting them.

super7, iron maiden eddie, reaction figures
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“Killers” by KISS

Artist: KISS
Title: “Killers”
Label: Mercury/Universal
Release Date: 6/25/1996
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 3.5/5

The lackluster reception to the bands “Music From The Elder” release of 1981 was not good for the band who was still reeling from the less than promising response they received for “Unmasked” and resultant of this another Greatest Hits album was released. The recording would be the second of such issues from the group and feature a number of the same songs that we found on “Double Platinum”. The crucial difference would be the inclusion of four new songs which had a little bit more of the bands original Hard Rock sound to them as opposed to the type of material we found on “Elder”, “Unmasked” and “Dynasty”. The album was never released in the US domestically and if you were a KISS fan back during the time of its release finding this on vinyl was like hitting the jackpot. I remember when I first found my copy, as I was out wandering Greenwich Village after dinner with a girlfriend who was also a music nut. We started hitting record store after record store and there it was staring me in the face at one of those shops.
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“Live At The Whiskey” by Paul Di’Anno

Artist: Paul Di’Anno
Title: “Live At The Whiskey”
Label: Spitfire Records
Release Date: 11/21/2000
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 6/10

Original Iron Maiden vocalist Paul Di’Anno released this live album to commemorate his tour which touched down in Los Angeles California as one of its stops. “Live At The Whiskey” is not a bad selection of his solo material as it has a very traditional feel to it’s makeup. One could expect no less from the singer that fronted Maiden for two amazing albums before Bruce Dickinson took over the role. Songs like “Marshall Lokjaw” and “Impaler” actually sound like they could have been on an early Maiden release themselves since the same groove that made us love that band is rooted deep in his solo material. The band is made up of Graham Bath, Gavin Coopers, Cliff Evans, and Steve Hopgood who do a good job for the most part but with such a strong Iron Maiden feel to the original stuff it is difficult to see them shine more than as great cover players. I admit that I did not follow Paul’s career after Maiden and when I heard a live album would be released I expected it to be a lot more of the classic band than was actually present on this release. The whole group does a knock down job of the four classic Iron Maiden songs present and these were particularly good choices for his set list. From his original material in addition to the songs I referenced above I enjoyed “Three Words” and “Die By The Gun”. Fans of the singer will be impressed at the limited change in his vocal register over the years. He can still handle the classic material and does a great job on his own stuff.
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