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“The Great Filter” by Tub Ring

Artist: Tub Ring
Title: “The Great Filter”
Label: The End Records
Release Date: 3/2007
Genre: Experimental Rock
Rating: 4/5

The Great Filter, LOL, I don’t think so – there’s no filtering at work on the mass of musical influences that proliferate this release by Tub Ring, their first on The End Records. Yet for all the sonic pastiche at work here the Chicago outfit manages to produce a completely unique experience with superb playing, cool songs and tongues planted firmly in their cheeks. In short, “The Great Filter” is great FUN, and an album that gets the job done “old school style” in under 45 minutes leaving you plenty of time to go back and hear it again, and you will want to hear it again.

On stage Tub Ring come off like the menacing bowling team that unfortunately plays the lane right next to yours. They’re an aberrant bunch of 21st Century greasers who very purposefully disturb the peace and might even spill a can of Schlitz on your girlfriend. Even so, when push comes to shove and switchblades are triggered they reveal combs not stilettos. After a few sheepish grins and a pat on the back the next round is on them. They’ll be your friends for life.
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