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“III: In The Eyes Of Fire” by Unearth

Artist: Unearth
Title: “III: In The Eyes Of Fire”
Label: Metal Blade Records
Release Date: 8/8/2006
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 3.5/5

I had never heard the previous albums by Unearth so went into this CD without any conceptions or misconceptions about the band. I did catch their performance on the 2005 Sounds of the Underground tour, where I found them one of the more powerful bands present who definitely knew how to work on stage together and get the crowd going at the same time. Their third recording, appropriately titled “III: In The Eyes Of Fire” is a stand out effort for this band as while Metalcore is their genre, the band makes sure to demonstrate a wider variety of Metal skills for the listener. Metalcore is definitely not the genre for everyone but its following and the amount of bands that are doing it is staggering in number. The music is a close brother of Hard Core and Punk with similar riff structures and intensity throughout the songs. With Unearth however, there is a stronger level of musicianship being showcased and that separates them from a lot of their peers. It has the same core intensity as singer Trevor Phipps screams his lungs out on tracks such as the opener “The Glorious Nightmare” and “March Of The Mutes”, yet when tunes like “Sanctity Of Brothers” begins you find yourself listening to almost a early 90’s Power or Thrash Metal group. It’s not so much that the band has opted to sell out on their chosen genre, it is more a demonstration of their influences and that they can play very, very well when they choose to do so. For someone like myself who is not entrenched in the genre but enjoys a few select bands, I would find Unearth of a higher level of appeal than a band that was purely the same song over and over. “So It Goes” is one of the best numbers on the album and “Imposters Kingdom” is so brutal you will as though a circle pit is going to form in your living room.
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