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“Cum On Hear The Noise (Records)”: BMG Relaunches Classic Metal Label

Hope you didn’t mind my slight reworking of the classic Slade tune for my title but it felt so right to me. So check this stuff out that I just received. In a music scene where we are constantly hearing about record label closures or takeovers that leave a bare shell of what they used to be, it was great to see this broadcast about the legendary Noise Records. The label delivered some fantastic Metal during its years of existence and now thanks to the folks at BMG, it is returning. Check out the massive missive below for the full details and then I’ll return with some added thoughts.

Logo - Noise Records

The Press Release:
BMG Announces Major Reissue Campaign From the Legendary Metal Label, Noise Records – The 1st Eight Brand New NOISE Best Of Releases are now available!

The creation of Karl-Ulrich Walterbach, Noise Records’ origins lay in the late 70s/early 80s West Berlin punk rock scene. Against the backdrop of the Berlin Wall, the convergence of volatile music, left-wing ideals, and anti-government sentiment spurred Walterbach to release two punk compilations, Soundtracks zum Untergang (Soundtracks to the Downfall), on his first label, Aggressive Rockproduktionen, otherwise simply known as AGR.

Due to the influence of Los Angeles hardcore punk masters Black Flag, Walterbach would gradually turn his interests from punk to metal, forming Noise Records in 1983 as the European response to the likes of Metallica and Slayer. From there, the label would enjoy an unprecedented signing streak of bands who would play a significant role in defining underground metal as we know today.
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