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“K5 – The War Of Words Demos” by Fight

Artist: Fight
Title: “K5 – The War Of Words Demos”
Label: Metal God Entertainment
Release Date: 1/8/2008
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 4/5

When Rob Halford chose to leave the ranks of Judas Priest and begin new Metal adventures as a solo artist, the balance of things in the genre seemed to be torn asunder as the world wondered what would come from each side in the musical sense. Fortunately for the fans of The Metal God he would assemble a worthy group of talented young musicians and bring Scott Travis of Judas Priest along with him for the ride – the result would be a group that was very simply named Fight. The name seemed appropriate for a band that would pack as much Metal punch as they would and it was truly a great thing to find them being as heavy as hell and serving the needs of the fans who were beginning to follow bands like Pantera. Their solid approach to the genre would present itself well on their debut release “War Of Words” but the music on this CD brings us back to the months before this recording even took place. “K5 – The War Of Words Demos” is exactly what the title says it is and it brings the listener into the rehearsal and recording studio with Rob Halford and the guys as they flesh out the newly written songs that would eventually become part of their smoking debut album. As soon as it begins one of the first thoughts that come to mind is that they cannot be demos based on the sonic quality that the tunes possess. Yes there is some rawness and limited hesitation on one or two of them but the advancements in studio recording and engineering have allowed bands to come out with almost album quality demo takes in many cases and if one took these for some additional mix down and production it could have very well been released as the debut.
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