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DC Comics Presents: The New 52 “Futures End” Week Three

Keeping up with the program of the epic multi-title “Futures End” storylines, here I am with the third week of offerings from DC Comics. Have you been following along so far? Some good stuff in the past two weeks for sure and here now is the third grouping.

FUTURES END IS HERE! Welcome to the future – FUTURES END, that is! This September, DC Entertainment takes you five years into the future of DC Comics – The New 52, where the heroes of the DC Universe face challenges unlike anything you’ve ever seen!

dc comics, comic book covers
“Teen Titans: Futures End” #1

TEEN TITANS: FUTURES END #1: With the Teen Titans dead, a new group of young heroes seek justice in the future DC Universe!

dc comics, comic book covers
“Justice League United: Futures End” #1

JUSTICE LEAGUE UNITED: FUTURES END #1: In the concluding chapter of the epic story that began in this month’s JUSTICE LEAGUE: FUTURES END #1, the armies of Mars rise against the unsuspecting population of Earth – and only the combined might of the Justice League and the Legion of Super-Heroes can stand against them!
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