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Opening Today: “Jurassic World” (6/12/2015)

Twenty two years and a day after the theatrical opening for the film “Jurassic Park” that started this whole thing off comes the opening of the film “Jurassic World” in which we find a fully functional park with no real issues to be concerned about. Right? Right? Check out one of the cool posters for the film and the cast and then we can gab a little.

Poster - Jurassic World - 2015

Brief (non-spoiler) Premise: 22 years after the failed opening of Jurassic Park on Isla Nublar, siblings Zach and Gray Mitchell take a Christmas vacation to Jurassic World, its fully functional dinosaur theme park successor, to visit their aunt Claire Dearing, the park operations manager. Upon arriving on the island, they find that Claire, having just finished an investor tour and scheduled for more meetings, is too busy to spend time with them and leaves them in the care of her assistant Zara. Simon Masrani, the park’s owner, arrives and takes Claire to see their new genetically modified dinosaur, the Indominus rex. Upon inspection, he tells her he wants Owen Grady, a Velociraptor expert and trainer, to make sure the enclosure is adequately secure.
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“Jurassic World” @ Regal Union Square Stadium 14

The film “Jurassic World” opens today at the Regal and in theaters everywhere. Check your local listings.

Check Out The “Jurassic World” – Official Global Trailer

Logo - Jurassic World

Boy oh boy have there been a lot of trailers to share with you folks but that is never a bad thing when you consider some of the properties that are going to be coming to life on the big screen this summer and the months that follow it. Back in November of 2014 I shared the Teaser Trailer of the upcoming film “Jurassic World”. Honestly speaking, it was much more than a tease based on its length and now with the films opening only a few short months away we have gotten a bigger and better look into the chaos that will be happening on the island that time forgot. Take a look below and we can chat more afterward.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I enjoyed the first trailer that I posted a few months ago and I really loved all three of the Jurassic Park films that preceded this upcoming release so I guess I am a little on the jaded side. However, when you consider the dismal and brooding trailer that was just released for the eventually coming “Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice”, this one put light and excitement back into my cinephile head (that’s a person who loves movies so get your minds out of the gutter). We get a little more in this trailer than in the previous and we see fleeting glimpses of the Indominus Rex which as you know is a genetically created beast by a greedy park ownership. Like Pratt said in the first trailer “probably not a good idea” and this shows us the price of such folly. There also appears to be a lot of other dino mayhem to be had which should make this an amazing film on the big screen. The film opens up everywhere on June 12th of this year and gives you a nice theatrical experience while you wait for Marvel Studios upcoming “Ant-Man” film. I know that I will be there in the early days of release and I wonder what you kind readers think about this one. Let me know in the comments below.

Official Film Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jurassic_World

PiercingMetal Goes To Toy Fair 2015: Hasbro Toys; Part 1

We are officially full throttle with our coverage of the American International Toy Fair for 2015 and this next post is a very special one to be including for you at long last. This chapter finds us exploring the Hasbro Toys showroom which is actually offsite of the Javits Center and closer to Times Square and this would be our outlets very first time exploring the showroom.

After checking in, the attending press are led to an auditorium, lecture hall sort of space to get the low down from Hasbro Toys company reps who specialize in each and every product line. The stuff that interests me most based on the coverage we do is of course “Star Wars”, “Marvel Comics” and the “Transformers” properties. Thought tweeting, Facebooking and yes even Instagramming is welcome from the showroom, you are not permitted to record or photograph any of the presentation. Trust me it was super interesting.

hasbro, hasbro toys, toy fair 2015, american international toy fair 2015, hasbro toys press preview 2015

After the presentation, the publicity team leads you downstairs to the showroom and its here where its a world of wonder. Everything is set up into sections with “Transformers” on one part and the “Marvel Legends” items and the like in another. I don’t think I need to explain which properties are which so let’s let the images do the talking. Enjoy. I’ll chime in if necessary.

hasbro, hasbro toys, toy fair 2015, american international toy fair 2015, hasbro toys press preview 2015
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The Trailer Is Here: “Jurassic World” (2015)

Logo - Jurassic World

I loved the first “Jurassic Park” film along with the second go round and can admit that I even found a slight pleasure in the third film despite it being the weakest of the mix. When I think back to the first film, I have to chuckle about my hitting this one with my parents who seldom found interest in the same things as me when it came to actually going to the movies but I had convinced them it was a good enough book, had to have made a decent film and that it would be a fun family get together for us. Pop liked it more than Mom but I expected that. Earlier during the day I started seeing notations around the web that the fourth film in the franchise was practically in the can for the cinemas and that the first trailer was ready to be enjoyed so here we go.
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