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“Dimebash” Tribute Celebration Set For January 2020 @ The Observatory

dimebash poster, dimebash 2020

The Press Release:
Dimebash – an all-star jam tribute to “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott, the late co-founder and guitarist of Pantera and Damageplan – is set for Thursday, January 16 at The Observatory OC in Santa Ana, California.

Rock legend Dave Grohl and many more top rock and metal artists will be on hand to honor the guitar legend 15 years after his untimely passing. The all-star jam will feature Dime’s music and some of his favorite songs, with the Texas homegrown sounds of WhiskeyDick opening the show. The full lineup of musical guests will be announced in January.

Event producer and Dimebag’s longtime partner Rita Haney said, “This year will mark the 15 year anniversary since Darrell was taken from us…even more of a reason to come together with friends and chosen family to honor the man that brought so much love and laughter to our lives…not to mention some pretty sick tuneage!!! If you’ve never experienced ‘the room’ at Dimebash, it’s something you can’t describe – the love, the unity, the smiles, the magic. It’s a special kind of vibe you have to check out at least once for yourself. Then you’ll almost know what it’s like to have Dime physically in the room.”
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Lamb of God @ Irving Plaza (1/24/2012)

Artist: Lamb Of God
Venue: Irving Plaza (New York, NY)
Opener: Acacia Strain
Date: 1/24/2012
Label: Epic Records

Are you prepared New York City? I ask you this because the one and only Lamb Of God were back with a brand spanking new album called “Resolution” and tonight would performing over at Irving Plaza if you could believe that bit of shocking information. I had to admit that I was shocked when I learned that this incredible venue was going to be playing host to such a band because let’s face it, Lamb Of God has sold out the Roseland Ballroom a few times over the past few years and you can fit about seven Irving Plazas in that space. The exciting show sold out almost immediately after it went on sale and the bands tour was going to bring along Too Late The Hero and The Acacia Strain as support for the run. I made sure to arrive nice and early to see how the whole show played out and here is what you missed if you were unable to attend.

Too Late The Hero: Tonight was the first time I had heard of this opening band Too Late The Hero and to be brutally honest about their sound I would define them as a pretty standard Melodic Metalcore band. It first struck me strange to find such a mystery group on a killer slot like this but then I learned how they were signed to LoG drummer Chris Adler’s label ReThink Records so it made total sense since he only stood to gain a little extra attention for the new label. The band appeared young and had a good energy to them but most of the audience was restless from the moment they got into the venue and only wanted to see Lamb Of God. I did hear some chants of Bieber being directed at the singer based on his sporting a similar hairstyle and while it did make me chuckle a little, let’s give anyone up on stage some respect for giving us their all. Some of the tunes struck me as interesting while others I felt that I had heard 100 times. Let’s see what comes of them. Should I obtain a copy of the release I will give it my objective thoughts for your benefit. Now it was time to really get this party started with The Acacia Strain.
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Charred Walls Of The Damned @ Gramercy Theatre (7/8/2010)

Logo - Charred Walls Of The Damned

Artist: Charred Walls Of The Damned
Venue: Gramercy (New York, NY)
Opener: Don Jamieson, Magus Beast, The Hixon, The Smash-Up
Date: 7/8/20100
Label: Metal Blade Records

Charred Walls Of The Damned is a new Metal project band for former Death and Iced Earth skin basher Richard Christy. The drummer has been out of the Metal loop for a few years based on his working with the Howard Stern radio show but of course once this is in your blood it is only a matter of time before you return to it. I guess it’s like being in the mob. It was not long ago that the bug sunk its fangs deep into Christy’s system and beckoned him back to the Metal stage and to do this time proper he would assemble a killer band to record with in his new group the Charred Walls of the Damned. On guitar he would have producer Jason Suecof and on bass Steve DiGiorgio. The powerful music that would come from such players could only be properly compensated by the incendiary vocal pipes of Tim “Ripper” Owens who for many fans of the genre can do no wrong. Their self-titled album has been getting some positive reviews and this release would be the focus of their set tonight. They would have a few regional bands as support in each stop but the direct support space was relegated to comedian Don Jamieson from “That Metal Show”; the program hosted by Eddie Trunk. Here is how the larger part of the night went down for those who might have missed it.
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Anvil @ Gramercy Theatre (3/19/2010)

Anvil was back and riding high on the success of their documentary film “Anvil The Story Of Anvil”.  The last time around that they visited, it was to present the film and then perform a few numbers for media outlets and a few select fans.  It was a great time and we wished them well in recharging the batteries in their already lengthy career.  Tonight the band would be touring as the sole main act and depending on where they played, an area support band would start off the fun.  There would be no movie shown and that was fine by me since I’ve already seen it a few times.  It would be held at the Gramercy Theatre and Long Island’s own Misery would open the show.  You can check out the full concert article below.

Logo - Anvil 2

Artist: Anvil
Venue: Gramercy (New York, NY)
Opener: Misery, Toothgrinder
Date: 3/19/2010
Label: VH1 Classic

March Metal Madness was continuing and spring was almost in the air so you know that this brings to mind thoughts about what to do in the season and – Anvil. OK, so maybe not so much but despite this, those stars of the celluloid world were officially back in NYC and ready to kick our asses once again. You’ve most likely seen the bands documentary movie “Anvil: The Story Of Anvil” by now as it has aired on VH1 numerous times and been the topic of discussion on more Metal sites and magazines than I could possibly count. The original plan was for the band to perform after a showing of the movie, but this changed very early in the touring run and it became known how the band would instead play a full set and have local area bands leading off the night. For many people this was a better deal because the movie has been shown and promoted to death and if people want to see it at this point they are best served to buy the official DVD. This evening the gig would be started off by Toothgrinder from Asbury Park, NJ and Misery who are from a little closer to home, and sadly we would not catch more than one final song from the young Toothgrinder. I am sure that they will be back around sometime in the future and when that happens I will try to catch them. I did speak to them briefly downstairs in the venue’s lounge and they seemed to be nice guys who really want to play Metal for the world. Good luck Toothgrinder. Misery was coming up as direct support tonight and would be on in minutes it seemed.
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Skateboard Marketing 18th Annual CMJ Showcase @ Bowery Poetry Club (10/22/2009)

Logo - Skateboard Marketing

This past week was the annual CMJ Music Convention and like many before it would again invade The Big Apple and deliver more music than any one person could easily absorb.  To say that there is something for everyone at the CMJ convention would be an understatement and while I would have loved to partake in a lot more that was happening, the time was just not there for me to do so based on a hectic week of Metal concerts that required my coverage.  One of the things that I did manage to enjoy was the annual Skateboard Marketing music showcase which is hosted by the company’s founder Munsey Ricci.  I’ve been working as an ally in Metal media with Munsey for about five years now and was eager to help him and his friends celebrate the company’s 18th year of doing this kind of showcase.  This years hang would be at The Bowery Poetry Club (across the street from the location that once housed CBGB’s) and it was sure to be a good time of familiar faces, cold beers and loud music.  I was certain that the bands would be something interesting because one year we found the legendary Fear Factory performing at it, while last year we got both Autumn Black and Ionia.  Tonight there would only be one act delivering out the Metal and their name was Texas Hippie Coalition, and while I had only heard their name a couple of times, I had heard that they were along the lines of your Southern Fried Metal genre and let’s face it, a lot of that stuff rocks.  I shot a lot of photos and documented the performance as well and its linked to at the bottom of the party stuff that you will see here so hang onto your hats for it.

Munsey Ricci & Ally
Munsey Ricci & Ally

Here’s Munsey Ricci and Ally. He’s smiling not only because of the lovely lady next to him but also because the room is packed with beer and music hungry Metal Media friends. The event was sponsored by Budweiser Beer so the Bowery Poetry Club had plenty of Bud, Bud Lite and Rolling Rock beers on hand along with Monster Energy drink who I learned were also sponsoring the shindig.
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