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“Love And Blood” by Panzie

Artist: Panzie
Title: “Love and Blood”
Label: Independent Artist
Release Date: 12/1/2011
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 3.75/5

I’ve lived in New York City for most of my life and have happily wandered my entire music scribe existence on its streets and as result have both met and enjoyed a lot of fantastic music and the people who deliver it. It’s without question that New York is and has always been an attitude and when it comes to its bringing of the Rock, bands have to stand up strong and deliver as intensely as this environment dictates of them. The dark underground alleys and clubs recently gave us the band Panzie whose members are all known from the local scene and whose sound is a powerful, energetic hit to the mid-section; They’ve recently issued their debut album “Love and Blood” on the world and it brings you into their world for sure. The title speaks to just what a working class musician needs to put forth in order to make a name for themselves and the eleven tracks give you a great idea about their own mission. Fronted by Johnny Hawaiian, a multi-tattooed growling vocalist, the album finds his lyrics accompanied by both Johnny Rockit and DC Gonzalez on guitars and together the results work out very well. The release opens with a punch as “All American” gets you started on the ride. This is a perfect opening tune and really puts out a solid drive that caught my attention right away. There is even a clever video for this one that shows off a lot of the Lower East Side of NYC’s nightlife. Try to find it on YouTube.com when you have a moment. Hawaiian seems to have a similar vocal register to Rob Zombie if I needed a quick comparison and there is more growling to his style than meteoric adventuring. It makes sense since this is not that kind of band. “Angry Man” had me rocking for its chorus the most and I really dug the dual crunch of the riffs from Rockit and Gonzalez. “Dance” is a winner but “Jezebel” was another favorite as it had some apparent homage to NYC Punk based on how the groove played out. Nice stuff. They slow down to a mid-paced crunch with “Ride The Blue” and my head was bopping for this one. Skipping ahead a little bit, I’ve always been a fan of the slower and mood inducing tracks and “Dead Men” served this up for me in spades. As it played out on the stereo I felt it in the live sense and being one of the more powerful of the bands repertoire. One thing the listener might notice is that there is sometimes a familiar groove riff that we find in a few of their tunes and this is not a bad aspect but one that I felt helped tie the bands ideas together on the whole.
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