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“Drugs, God and The New Republic” (remaster) by Warrior Soul

Artist: Warrior Soul
Title: “Drugs, God and The New Republic”
Label: Escapi Music
Release Date: 3/14/2006
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 7.5/10

Join me once again on the soapbox for a deep look inside the politically charged mind of singer Kory Clarke. The second album by Warrior Soul was different from their debut in the fact that it was a little more up beat and not as dark as its predecessor. Don’t get me wrong about the first record because “Last Decade Dead Century” is one of my favorites of all time. Yet there are moments of such bleak and despair laden vibe that it takes some strength to understand their meaning. It’s an in your face style with little apology for its honesty. Similar action is par for the course on the follow up with tracks like “Jump For Joy” and “Drugs, God, And The New Republic”. These are full of volatile rhetoric but on top of the lyrical content the music was quite accessible and seemed to work well with the new and building “Seattle sound” that was coming around the airwaves. Overall the whole second album had a bit more commercial appeal and some of my favorite tracks from it include “Children Of The Winter” and “Hero”; and why these tunes were never snared by Rock radio of the time still amazes me. Along with Ricco, Evans and McClanahan, Clarke had a stupendous Hard Rock group that chose to be different and not formulaic. The remasters of the Warrior Soul catalog bear some looking into because of their deep content and insightful rages against the system at a time when not too many bands were daring to take that route. Perhaps this is the reason for their eventual decline as far as the musical public eye was concerned. Clarke was a visionary front man but I fear too many people didn’t get the point or knew what led to his views and proclamations. You either got it or you didn’t and in the case of Warrior Soul not enough did.
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