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Witchcraft: Live Photos @ The North Six (11/10/2006)

witchcraft logo

As previously noted, the Doom Metal stalwarts Witchcraft were finally on US Soil for their first-ever tour and that was discussed in a Concert Review that can be examined HERE. Now its time to enjoy the full gallery of images that were able to be captured in the setting of The North Six.

witchcraft, witchcraft concert photos
Witchcraft by Ken Pierce (2006)

witchcraft, witchcraft concert photos
Witchcraft by Ken Pierce (2006)

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Witchcraft @ The North Six (11/10/2006)

Logo - Witchcraft

Artist: Witchcraft
Venue: The North Six (Brooklyn, NY)
Opener: unknown
Date: 11/10/2006
Label: Candlelight Records

The rise of Doom Metal bands seems to be an occurrence that we are finding happen more often than not nowadays and given the amount of Power, Black, Death and Grindcore Metal that we have to enjoy this is a welcome level of musical change for the fans. Bands like Candlemass and Pentagram all have made some levels of significant mark on the genre and now it is Witchcraft’s turn. The band who hails from Sweden would be on their first-ever US tour and would find them hitting a number of intimate as well as smaller venues much to the appreciation of those who enjoy this underground Metal scene. Having only enjoyed the bands second recording “Firewood”, I was not too sure what to expect, but once the group hit the stage it was clear that they were good at their craft. It was odd to find that the band played two area shows, as this is not usually the case. Earlier in the week, they had played The Mercury Lounge, and this is a nice room, but really not much more than an oversized bar. I conferred with friends who went and enjoyed the level of intimacy the smaller size offered the audience, as literally they are right there with you. Tonight’s show would be at the North Six, a highly popular club in the Williamsburg part of Brooklyn. The area was once mainly factories and apartment buildings but over the past couple of years has found levels of change that now show dozens of restaurants, bars and music clubs. Working musicians of the City and visitors clearly love having this as an option.
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