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John Corabi @ Blackthorn 51

John Corabi will deliver a whole lot of songs from his storied musical adventures. It’s an acoustic show so surely will make for an interesting night.

“Happy Xmas (War Is Over)” (Single) by The Dead Daisies

I’m in a holiday, gift-giving sort of mood this evening and was so glad to see this notice from the folks working the media magic behind The Dead Daisies. It seems that the guys have recorded an acoustic version of John Lennon’s classic “Happy Xmas (War Is Over)” while on tour and I’m sharing the bands official words and then the song itself. Dig it.

“This one’s for you… The Daisies have been overwhelmed by the great fan reactions throughout the year and especially on this last tour. So when they found themselves in a Christmas spirit in Vienna the other day, they recorded a special treat in Doug’s hotel room. This is a gift for you, the best fans in the world. Happy XMas & Happy Holidays from The Dead Daisies!”

I’ve always loved this track myself and think that the band did an outstanding job on it. Its super nice of them to offer it up for free and I am sure those of you who are more technically savvy will know how to save this to your respective music library or cloud service. Had this been an actual for sale single I would have stressed that you lay down the sufficient coin to own your own legit version. Nice work Dead Daisies, I look forward to seeing you rock the venues again in 2017. Merry Christmas.

Official Website: http://thedeaddaisies.com/

“Red, White and Crue” by Motley Crue

Artist: Motley Crue
Title: “Red, White & Crue”
Label: Motley Records
Release Date: 2/2005
Genre: Heavy Metal/Hard Rock
Rating: 7/10

Motley Crue were always one of the most attention grabbing bands of the 80’s and epitomized the L.A. lifestyle of the rough and tumble musician of the time. They took the world by the balls and seldom let you get them back all that easy or intact. In addition to their career spanning boxed sets called “Music To Crash Your Car By”, they have released this Anthology/Greatest Hits piece “Red, White and Crue”. There is some good and bad stuff to say about this release.

CD 1 is superb as it contains almost every one of the legitimate hits that the band garnered early in their career. Almost everything you expect to find on this one is there, yet they could have included one or two more numbers from their first three albums and pushed the content onto the second CD that is in this package. I felt they should have included “Public Enemy Number One”, “Bastard”, “Red Hot”, and “Tonight” but we don’t get those. Instead when we move to CD number 2, we are given the lesser material or tracks one is not wise to include on a hits piece.
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