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Watch The New Lamb Of God’s Video “512” From “Sturm Und Drang”

Logo - Lamb Of God

As I write this my phone is telling me that it is 87 degrees outside and while I prefer to stay inside with the air conditioning, I felt the best way to prepare myself both physically and mentally for the heat was by amping things up inside with the newest video by the mighty Lamb Of God. The clip showcases their recently unveiled tune entitled “512” from the forthcoming album “Sturm Und Drang” (that’s “storm and drive” in German in case you were not too sure) and was directed by Jorge Torres-Torres. Check it out and then we can discuss.

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Lamb of God @ Irving Plaza (1/24/2012)

Artist: Lamb Of God
Venue: Irving Plaza (New York, NY)
Opener: Acacia Strain
Date: 1/24/2012
Label: Epic Records

Are you prepared New York City? I ask you this because the one and only Lamb Of God were back with a brand spanking new album called “Resolution” and tonight would performing over at Irving Plaza if you could believe that bit of shocking information. I had to admit that I was shocked when I learned that this incredible venue was going to be playing host to such a band because let’s face it, Lamb Of God has sold out the Roseland Ballroom a few times over the past few years and you can fit about seven Irving Plazas in that space. The exciting show sold out almost immediately after it went on sale and the bands tour was going to bring along Too Late The Hero and The Acacia Strain as support for the run. I made sure to arrive nice and early to see how the whole show played out and here is what you missed if you were unable to attend.

Too Late The Hero: Tonight was the first time I had heard of this opening band Too Late The Hero and to be brutally honest about their sound I would define them as a pretty standard Melodic Metalcore band. It first struck me strange to find such a mystery group on a killer slot like this but then I learned how they were signed to LoG drummer Chris Adler’s label ReThink Records so it made total sense since he only stood to gain a little extra attention for the new label. The band appeared young and had a good energy to them but most of the audience was restless from the moment they got into the venue and only wanted to see Lamb Of God. I did hear some chants of Bieber being directed at the singer based on his sporting a similar hairstyle and while it did make me chuckle a little, let’s give anyone up on stage some respect for giving us their all. Some of the tunes struck me as interesting while others I felt that I had heard 100 times. Let’s see what comes of them. Should I obtain a copy of the release I will give it my objective thoughts for your benefit. Now it was time to really get this party started with The Acacia Strain.
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