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“The King Wants You” (Single) by Avatar

Artist: Avatar
Title: “The King Wants You” (Single)
Label: E1 Entertainment
Release Date: 12/19/2017
Genre: Melodic Death Metal

With a little over a month to go before the release of “Avatar Country”, Sweden’s Avatar have offered up another single with “The King Wants You” – It follows “A Status Of The King” which was discussed HERE for those who might not have seen it. Clean vocals lead us off with this one and there is an almost Broadway performance vibe to it. What I mean with this is how I could envision it being performed in that setting with the singing being done at the audience as a part of a larger narrative. Fun stuff.
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Avatar Announces 2018 Headining Tour

We have secured this official statement from the Royal house and wanted to share it with you readers at great urgency. Please indulge, be educated and inform your brethren.

The Statement:
The Royal department of International Relations and Fish wish to inform citizens in exile that tickets to the King’s State Visits in 2018, with his elite orchestra known as “Avatar” will be released tomorrow Friday! National security agencies are issuing warnings for riots – we therefor urge you to make sure to get yours peacefully, at the convenience of your own computer or “smart phone” machine as fast as you can Friday morning.

The Tour Dates:
Jan. 6 – Columbus, OH – Newport Music Hall
Jan. 7 – Toronto, ON – The Opera House
Jan. 9 – Montreal, QC – Astral
Jan. 11 – New York, NY – Gramercy Theatre
Jan. 12 – Boston, MA – Brighton
Jan. 13 – Baltimore, MD – Baltimore Soundstage
Jan. 14 – Philadelphia, PA – Theatre Of Living Arts
Jan. 16 – Louisville, KY – Mercury Ballroom
Jan. 17 – Atlanta, GA – The Buckhead Theatre
Jan. 18 – New Orleans, LA – House Of Blues
Jan. 19 – Houston, TX – House Of Blues
Jan. 20 – Dallas, TX – House Of Blues
Jan. 21 – San Antonio, TX – The Aztec Theatre
Jan. 23 – Tempe, AZ – The Marquee
Jan. 24 – Los Angeles, CA – Regent Theater
Jan. 25 – Sacramento, CA – Ace Of Spades
Jan. 28 – Seattle, WA – Studio Seven
Jan. 30 – Salt Lake City, UT – The Complex
Jan. 31 – Denver, CO – Summit Music Hall
Feb. 1 – Lincoln, NE – Bourbon Theatre
Feb. 2 – Chicago, IL – The Bottom Lounge
Feb. 3 – Green Bay, WI – Sand Lot
Feb. 5 – Lawrence, KS – Granada
Feb. 7 – Detroit, MI – St. Andrew’s Hall
Feb. 8 – Cleveland, OH – House Of Blues
Feb. 9 – Indianapolis, IN – Deluxe
Feb. 10 – Milwaukee, WI – The Rave II
Feb. 11 – Grand Rapids, MI – Intersection

*** end of transmission ***

PiercingMetal Thoughts: So I’ve managed to see Avatar twice now over the years as some of the other gigs they were doing I was unavailable for but when I finally did I was an instant fan. It’s energetic, solid and a whole lot of fun. I am a big fan of “identities” in bands and by that I mean the costuming and the personalities that musicians become up on the stage and once you see the main Clown up there on the boards you will be hooked as well. I enjoyed the first single that was released and discussed HERE for those who didn’t pay any mind to our quick overview and I suggest that you fall into line with the rest of us and be prepared for your Metal audience with “The King”. If you are already a fan, you can let me know how excited you are for this tour down in the comments section below. I’m approving all topical notions immediately and its your duty as a citizen of “Avatar Country” to offer tribute to his emminence anyway so make it happen.

Official Website: http://www.avatarmetal.com

“A Statue Of The King” (Single) by Avatar

Artist: Avatar
Title: “A Statue Of The King” (Single)
Label: E1 Entertainment
Release Date: 10/24/2017
Genre: Melodic Death Metal

The next Avatar album is called “Avatar Country” and doesn’t come out for a while yet (I think I read January) but we’ve got ourselves a lead off single from this with the song “A Statue Of The King” and I’ve tossed together a few notes about their latest efforts. A straight forward guitar riff leads us into some clean vocals while the drive builds up and then The Clown arrives growling with ferocity and intent as they sing songs about their ruler. It then changes to an almost Queen like Operatic passage with wonderful group choruses on top of thundering double bass drums. Very interesting to say the least and not a direction I was expecting of them.
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Avatar Releases Single “The Eagle Has Landed” & Announces 2016 Tour

Hey there my Metal Legions, I got this rather lengthy bit of press copy yesterday and wanted to be sure to get it to your view screens because it’s about the band Avatar who sound and presentation I am still on the newbie side to but am greatly enjoying. They have some new music coming soon care of E1 Entertainment (home of Zakk Wylde, Ace Frehley and Black Crown Initiate BTW) and it’s a lot to digest so get on it and I shall return afterwards.

Tour - Avatar - Spring 2016

The Press Release:
March 25, 2016 — AVATAR have released the first official radio single off their forthcoming LP today exclusively via Revolvermag.com. “You’ve heard Owl’s hunting hymn. Now it’s time for Eagle’s mission statement,” says lead vocalist Johannes Eckerström. “Just as he crashes into the world of his adversary, we will come crashing into your lives, screaming at the top of our lungs.”

“We’re still very early in the story and without giving away too much, I can say that things are about to change rapidly.”

“The riff is a towel, the melody is water and y’all are about to get boarded. Have fun!”

AVATAR will release their very first concept album titled Feathers & Flesh to be released on Friday, May 13, 2016 via Entertainment One (eOne) in North America and Canada and Another Century overseas. The new release will be the band’s highly anticipated followup to Hail The Apocalypse released in 2014, which cracked the Billboard Top 200 for the first time in the band’s career.
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Watch The “Vultures Fly” Video by Avatar

I’ll admit to my being late to the table about this band but I am so glad that I finally caught them a few months ago at The Studio at Webster Hall for their sold out appearance. It was quite the electrifying gig and the band had the audience eating out of their hands from the moment that they hit the stage. Its certainly an interesting brand of Melodic Death Metal and if you take a look at their singer, you might agree that there is a kind of Carnival aspect to it. That said, the band has just released their latest video and I’ve embedded that along with the press release that I received so you can check it out. I’ll toss my thoughts about the clip at the end and you’re welcome to chime in as well since the more the merrier right. Here we go.

Logo - Avatar

The Press Release:
Swedish imports AVATAR have debuted an all new music video for their track “Vultures Fly” today exclusively through VEVO. Watch the “VULTURES FLY” video below.

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