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“The 100 Greatest Metal Guitarists” by Joel McIver

Author: Joel McIver
Title: “The 100 Greatest Metal Guitarists”
Publisher: Jawbone Press
Release Date: 12/18/2008
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 2.5/5

Wow, where can I begin with this one? Now while I know that it sounds like a very dramatic opening for a book review, it does not come to be said without the utmost of seriousness when it comes to the subject matter featured in “The Top 100 Metal Guitarists” by author Joel McIver. Truth being told, I liked a large portion of what the author was presenting in the book but with any list of favorites of all time or “best picks”, the final product does not come without some reprisal from the worldwide Metal readership. Just look at anyone’s top list on the major news feeds to see how much they get taken apart by the fans. Before I get any further into this I should inform the readers that I was at one time a Metal drummer, and with that being said I might call into question my overall view of what makes a “great Metal guitarist” and then again perhaps not because we see this role from a different perspective that might be welcomed by some. McIver has written books about both Slayer and Metallica along with a number of other worthy artists and with his being a regular writer for Total Guitar magazine his expertise does not come into question as much as his personal list of favorites did for me. He begins the book with a great opening about how he left off such Metal guitarists as Neil Young and the like because apparently a recent popular magazine had listed their top Heavy Metal players and less than half of them had ever done the craft before and that was a fantastic way to begin. From there he begins to line out which he felt ranked at number 100 and then works his way down to the main axe slinger of them all. As a book of this type, it is nicely laid out for the reader and makes sure to feature a number of quality photographs of the guitarists in action along with offering up some commentary and anecdotes about each and every one of them.
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