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“Live At Shea Stadium” by The Clash

Artist: The Clash
Title: “Live At Shea Stadium”
Label: Sony BMG/Legacy Recordings
Release Date: 10/7/2008
Genre: Punk Rock
Rating: 4/5

Recorded during the bands opening slot for The Who back in 1982, the recording actually also captures The Clash on the closure of their own US Tour and “Live At Shea Stadium” is a fantastic way to experience just what this band was all about on the concert stage. The album’s set list is a an incredible amount of hits from across the bands catalog for while they were supporting the album “Combat Rock” for this tour they had the good sense to not focus entirely on this release. It kicks your ass right from the beginning with “London Calling” and with the band being together for several years by the time this show happened finds them to be a very tight unit which is commendable. The album serves several different needs and the first is for a solid live recording from The Clash based on the amazing soundboard quality of the audio that while clean does allow for some proper crowd noise to not seem contrived. All of the instruments are mixed at what sounds to be an equal volume and no one overpowers anyone else nor is anyone left out in the production. The second need is for a collective of hits performed in concert and while there are always going to be some staple favorites that fans will complain are left out we must realize that this is the full set of material that was performed at this show and that is so much better than finding only half of them being presented.
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