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Introducing The BBC’s “Doctor Who” 13th Doctor!!!

While it was surely big news about the long anticipated “Game Of Thrones” return in terms of Sunday’s television talking topics, there was some other important stuff going on as well as far as geekdom is concerned. You see, Sunday was also the day that the BBC Television Network introduced the 13th Doctor for their long-running cult series “Doctor Who”. You can see the introduction clip below which I have embedded from the BBC Channel and if the news is still not on your radar – there have been some changes to the dynamic.

Mind-blowing right? The first ever female Doctor since the series began. You can almost feel the ripples across the galaxy with this happening. Though I’ve not really followed “Doctor Who” as a “thing” in my own geek interests, I have scores of friends who have watched it for many years. It’s popularity amazes me (but in a good way of course) and I’ve noticed it to be something that you are either into or are not into. The fans that have been watching it over the years are rabid about it and by the way the series has been on TV since 1963. Here is a rundown of the Doctors across history and who played them along with for how long the role was performed.
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