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Survivor’s Jimi Jamison Has Passed Away (8/31/2014)

Wow, it seems as though another talented musician has left us as I just learned a short while ago that Survivor singer Jim Jamison has passed away of a heart attack. This happened sometime yesterday and he was only 63 years of age.

Rock Meets Classic
Photo by Frank Hoensch, Getty Images

I’m pretty sad to hear this news about the singer because like many of you out there I am still slightly rattled by the death of Robin Williams. Depending on your age or how much Classic Rock you listen to, you might already be aware of how many hits found Jamison’s voice soaring through your speakers in them. He didn’t do the bands breakthrough hit “Eye Of The Tiger” of course, that was Dave Bickler, but Jamison was behind a solid group of the bands radio hits. Among these tracks were “Burning Heart” (another “Rocky” franchise tune), “I Can’t Hold Back” and quite possibly my favorite of the bunch with “High On You”. These tunes were super heavy on the melody and very, very catchy and as I researched more for this memorial posting I was amused to learn that he had once been asked to join Deep Purple as their singer. Instead the band opted for Joe Lynn Turner but I think Jamison would have pulled it off nicely.
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