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Sanctuary @ Gramercy Theatre (1/11/2012)

Artist: Sanctuary
Venue: Gramercy Theatre (New York, NY)
Opener: Cypher Seer, Gothic Knights, Sanitarius
Date: 1/11/2012
Label: Independent Artist

You will have to admit that when it comes to the topic of band comebacks or reunions, that you can never really be too sure about the rationale behind them in terms of why or when they might actually happen. Some come to fruition when you least expect it and leave you saying “wow, never saw this one happening” and I had to say that this was my thought process when it was announced that singer Warrel Dane had reactivated his legacy band Sanctuary. The Seattle based Power Metal band was active in the middle eighties and disbanded in 1991 when Grunge Rock was taking over their home base. The singer would form Nevermore with some of the other Sanctuary members and keep their pursuit of Metal strong for many years but the early part of 2011 appeared to be a difficult one in the life of the band and after some tour cancellations and members resigning, Dane announced the band was on a for the foreseeable future hiatus. Even with this event happening I didn’t ever see a Sanctuary reunion happening because in all honestly while popular among some underground circles there was not a whole lot of buzz around them or a hopeful return. The show would hit the Gramercy Theatre this evening and bring along a host of local area opening acts. This is how the night took place for those who didn’t attend.
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