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Stone Sour @ Roseland Ballroom (4/6/2007)

Stone Sour is a side-project bands for Slipknot’s Corey Taylor and Jim Root and tonight they would take the stage of a sold out Roseland Ballroom. The show featured Lacuna Coil, Til December and Shadow’s Fall as well but we were only able to snare photos of the main band performing for some reason tonight based on sudden last minute “restrictions” at the venue. To learn more about the show just scroll past the logo below.

Logo - Stone Sour

Artist: Stone Sour
Venue: Roseland Ballroom (New York, NY)
Opener: Shadows Fall, Lacuna Coil
Date: 4/6/2007
Label: Roadrunner Records

While it’s true that Slipknot and their unique style of Metal meets uncontrolled chaos is not for everyone, it also seems true that two of its members have found a way to reach new acolytes with an entirely different band – introducing Stone Sour. The band Stone Sour was actually formed as far back as 1992 by singer Corey Taylor and would eventually feature guitarist Jim Root (who both went on to work together in Slipknot). The band mixes great Hard Rock riffing alongside the more modern Alternative scene and the resulting mix is a lot more refreshing than some of the other bands who claim the Alt-Rock title of today. I wasn’t sure I was hitting this show until the last minute and was glad to be able to do so since it was also going to feature Lacuna Coil, Shadow’s Fall and some newcomers Til December. The scene of the spectacle would be the Roseland Ballroom in NYC, and this venue has not had enough Metal and Rock shows of late so it was nice to see it back at this course of action. As my eyes glanced around the venue, it seemed to be a really solid crowd early on. Granted it wasn’t the massive humanity fest that I found immediately at the Lamb Of God show we recently covered, but the space would fill in as the night got later and the time for Stone Sour drew near. The entire concert tour was another showcase of The Jagermeister Music Tour, a tour that I attended several times when Slayer was headlining the event. It’s really nice to see the changeup to keep things fresh and interesting.
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“Disasterpieces” by Slipknot

Artist: Slipknot
Title: “Disasterpieces”
Label: Roadrunner Records
Release Date: 11/26/2002
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 8/10

Slipknot is definitely one of those bands that in all honesty is best seen as well as heard. If you find yourself simply listening to the CD and have no idea what the band image is all about you might not capture the point. Quite honestly I was not a big fan of their music at first since I lean more towards the traditional genre. Yet when I saw this concert DVD I knew that this was a band that I had to see in person. This double DVD Set delivers all of the intensity and antics that you can enjoy outside of the pit and in your own home. There are some unique camera angles done as well as some footage being shot from inside the masks of the Slipknot members. The show was filmed with 30 cameras at the London Arena to a sold out crowd. To define a Slipknot show as live chaos would be an understatement but I think it comes very close to that for when they hit the stage it is explosive. The eight member group are all over the place from the start and I honestly cant imagine how a band like this rehearses and gets the show down to a science. They just simply do it and feed off the audience. Singer Corey directs the swelling crowd who hang on his commands while the maniacal Sid works his magic on the DJ Tables. Ordinarily I find all these bands with DJ’s to be unnecessary yet Slipknot show you that it can work in some context. There is a very interesting solo by Sid which is as non-conventional as the band themselves. The sound quality and visuals remain at a constant throughout the whole DVD. It is actually difficult at times to follow what is going on, since so much is happening at the same time.
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Slipknot @ Continental Airlines Arena (3/5/2005)

Artist: Slipknot
Venue: Continental Airlines Arena, NJ
Opener: Gizmachi, Shadows Fall, Lamb Of God
Date: 3-6-2005

The Slipknot show at Continental Airlines Arena would prove to start with both an interesting as well as annnoying twist. Of the four bands performing, Gizmachi was set to kick it off and the tickets showed a start of 7:00 pm. On walking in at exactly that time we were told by ushers that Gizmachi had played three songs about 30 minutes ago. It is not fair to the audience who pays for the ticket or the band who expects a decent crowd to be there for a show such as this. Instead people were probably wondering why Gizmachi shirts were on sale since they had missed them and were unaware they even played. This band in particular is a discovery of the “Clown” member of Slipknot, so you would think the venue would allot some accommodation. I imagine it beneficial to generate a buzz in a new CD that is coming out. This cant help it at all.

It was also interesting to look around the venue and find it not overly crowded. Given Slipknots overall appeal to the metal fans, and then combine that with the chance to see Shadows Fall and Lamb Of God on the same bill this was odd. Looking inside the venue to the top section, one could see a black curtain draped around the entire structure. This means that not one seat was sold for the entire area. Now that’s a lot of empty seats and it would have seemed bad had it not be covered up. Also random scatters of empty sections which did not fill even at Slipknots time were very visible. I am not sure how or why this is the case, but we made the best of it and still rocked hard. Further investigation had me finding this was considered a scaled-down event, but I still felt Slipknot has the notoriety to fill this venue.
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