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On Shelves: “Detective Comics” #1000 (3/27/2019)

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Let us rejoice my friends in comic book loving land because the day has at long last arrived and DC Comics long standing continuous series “Detective Comics” has reached its 1000th issue!!! The title originally launched in 1937 and ran numerous detective private eye kind of stuff but when issue #27 arrives the world would change as it was the first-ever appearance of The Batman. I’m planning on a milestone toast in the coming days but for now this is just an alert to get to the comic book store or wherever you prefer to order these things online.

comic book covers, dc comics, dc entertainment, detective comics, detective comics variant covers
“Detective Comics” #1000

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DC Comics Reveals “Detective Comics” #1000 Variant Covers

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This March, comic book history will be made as “Detective Comics” reaches its milestone 1000th issue. As you all know, this is the title that gave us “The Batman” way back in May of 1939 and before I get into the cover visuals, I wanted to share that classic issue with you all. Remember, Batman didn’t appear in the first issue of that comic but instead in its 27th.

comic book covers, dc comics, dc entertainment, detective comics, detective comics variant covers
“Detective Comics” #27

About The Issue: After 80 years, it’s here—the 1,000th issue of DETECTIVE COMICS, the title that literally defines DC! This 96-page issue is stacked with an unbelievable lineup of talent that will take you on a journey through Batman’s past, present and future…plus a sensational epilogue that features the first-ever DC Universe appearance of the deadly Arkham Knight! But who is under the mask? And why do they want Batman dead? The incredible future of Batman adventures begins here!

comic book covers, dc comics, dc entertainment, detective comics, detective comics variant covers
“Detective Comics” #1000

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DC Comics Reveals “Action Comics” #1000 Retailer Variants

A few days ago I shared the variant covers that span the years that “Action Comics” has been on the stands. These clever editions took a decade each to showcase the adventures of Superman, the Man Of Steel. Hopefully you saw that post and if not, just click HERE for the overview. You’re going to need this when you visit your local comic book retailer next month when issue #1000 hits the stands. In addition to those variants, many of the retailers will have their own exclusive editions and I’ve secured a stockpile of images for you to peruse. I’ve named the retailer and the artist involved in the variant cover and I’ve started with the two popular comic retail giants of our own Metropolis and then the rest are in alphabetical order. Check it out.

Forbidden Planet Exclusive (Jock Variant)

dc comics, action comics, comic book covers, variant covers, action comics variant covers

Midtown Comics Exclusive (Olivier Copiel Variant)

dc comics, action comics, comic book covers, variant covers, action comics variant covers
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Marvel’s Captain America Reaches a Milestone With 700th Issue!

Now that the monthly solicitations have been shared from the Marvel Comics side of the fence, its time to share the news about one of the exciting events happening in a few months – I’m speaking of course of the 700th issue of that star-spangled Avenger Captain America. Check out the press release below.

captain america comics logo, marvel comics

The Press Release:
This spring, OUT OF TIME will culminate with the release of CAPTAIN AMERICA’s milestone 700th issue, concluding the arc in an oversized story from creators Mark Waid and Chris Samnee!

Frozen in time, awakened in a decimated future and once again a man out of his era, there is only one way for Steve Rogers to restore order and rebuild civilization—and that’s to rule it as King Captain America!

marvel comics, comic book covers, captain america
“Captain America” #700

“No dream, no hoax, no lie, this IS Cap and this IS happening!” said SVP and Executive Editor Tom Brevoort. “Guest-starring the Thing and the Hulk (or as much as is left of them), it’s a celebration of 700 issues of star-spangled adventure! Plus, Mark Waid delivers an untold tale from Captain America’s past, featuring the classic artwork of Jack Kirby!”
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Today Is “Justice League Day” @ Participating Retailers (11/18/2017)

While the Warner Brothers Pictures film “Justice League” opened in theaters worldwide yesterday, today is a day that DC Comics has announced as being “Justice League Day”. That means that at your participating comic book retailer, you can get a shiny and free copy of the “Justice League – Justice League Day Special Edition” #1 while supplies last. Check out the movie inspired cover and then learn a little about the title below.

About The Issue: First chapter of the NEW YORK TIMES bestselling graphic novel, JUSTICE LEAGUE: ORIGIN! DC superstars Geoff Johns and Jim Lee make comics history as they re-imagine the classic heroes of the DC Universe, kicking off their iconic series, JUSTICE LEAGUE! In a universe where Super Heroes are strange and new, Batman has discovered a dark evil that requires him to unite the World’s Greatest Heroes! Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, The Flash, and Cyborg unite for the first time to form the Justice League! Together, they begin an adventure that will decide the fate of the Earth! The only question is if there will be an Earth left to protect. (c/o Comixology).

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I love these surprise “Official Days” that the publishers announce as happening because anything that sparks the attention in the physical comic book medium is good in my book. We have gotten a yearly “Batman Day” that’s been discussed on the website (but this year was changed to “Harley Quinn Day” in honor of her 25th Anniversary) and as you know there is both “Free Comic Book Day” and “Halloween Comicfest” that each put a nice stack of free comic books in the hands of the fans and even the curious. This title is only a new branding on the first issue of “Justice League” that came out in 2011 as a part of “The New 52” initiative. Speaking frankly I would have preferred that the most recent “Justice League” #1 be reprinted but I was not a part of the decision making process. Closing out I must share that I have not yet seen the film since I have a convention to attend this weekend so I’m going to be tied up quite a bit. My hope is to catch it early in the coming week before the Thanksgiving holiday. I’m surprised that the opening was not showing as a stronger box office pull but let’s see what happens. There is a lot banking on this for the DC Extended Universe. Now go out and find this free issue because its while supplies last and if you are nowhere near a shop like that you can order one for your digital library care of the Amazon.com/Comixology link below. Enjoy.

Official Website: http://www.dccomics.com