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“The Dream” by In This Moment

Artist: In This Moment
Title: “The Dream”
Label: Century Media Records
Release Date: 9/30/2008
Genre: Melodic Metal
Rating: 4.5/5

I remember that from the moment when I first played “Beautiful Tragedy”, the debut release by In This Moment, that I knew I was jumping on at the start of a very special ride. The funny thing was that I had not yet heard the album when I caught the band as a first up opener on the Kittie tour of a couple of years ago, but since that gig I have made sure to absorb it fully and became an ardent supporter of their live adventures whenever possible. “Beautiful Tragedy” introduced us to the Melodic Metalcore band fronted by Maria Brink and she was nothing less than a dynamo with her soaring clean vocals and hellish growls that were used back and forth on a number of the bands tunes. Songs like “Daddy’s Fallen Angel” and “Beautiful Tragedy” helped make this a winner but how would they do on their follow up to it – well, the answer is simply incredibly well. “The Dream” is the albums title and it starts off with a mysterious soundscape called “The Rabbit Hole” which when we follow it brings us to the rousing “Forever” which while really upbeat in its composition comes with some sad lyrical content about loss and leaving ones loves behind. “All For You” continues the push forward for the band and really is an outstanding track loaded with energy and drive. It has a great chorus that I think will find the audience participating easily while performed in the live sense. Skipping over to “Lost At Sea” we find the band still riffing par excellence and its here where I noticed that Brink had moved on from her growls and was instead using the amazing clean vocals that we heard on “Beautiful Tragedy”. I had felt that she should have tried this when I heard them live and am glad to see this put into play because it changes the vibe of the band from an interesting Metalcore group to an instantly accessible Heavy Metal/Hard Rock band. Such transitions often find the bands material suffering but know this about ITM, the song-writing and musicality on “The Dream” seems to be pushed up a notch or three and you can tell this as every infectious song goes by. I had trouble moving on from track to track at times since I wanted to listen to the one that just completed one more time before moving on.
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“Beautiful Tragedy” by In This Moment

Artist: In This Moment
Title: “Beautiful Tragedy”
Label: Century Media Records
Release Date: 3/20/2007
Genre: Melodic Metalcore
Rating: 4/5

To look at the CD cover from In This Moment, you might wonder if some weird Techno-Pop awaits you on the inside given the trippy, Raver girl cover photo of singer Maria Brink. What lies in wait on the inside however is a far different story and if you are a fan of the kind of stuff that bands like All That Remains and others who mix melody with bone-crushing Metal throttling then you are going to love this one. ITM’s “Beautiful Tragedy” takes the working mechanics of Melodic Metalcore and strengthens them by really playing up to Brink’s multiple vocal styles and ability and this works from the get go. “Beautiful Tragedy” is an incredible track and almost a righteous anthem that will have audiences singing along with fists raised high. There are a number of twists and turns where you don’t expect them like when “The Legacy Of Odie” starts out and appears to be the ballad of the recording but before you know it the crunching begins of twin lead guitarists Chris Howorth and Blaze Bunzel. The pair definitely shred and you can tell they have a little bit of schooling from the Gothenburg greats of the recent past by some of the riffing that they do here. “Ashes” just pounds and we owe some of the appeal of this track due to the crushing rhythm section of Jesse Landry and Jeff Fabb (bass and drums respectively). While Landry needs to hold things in place for the group to run loose you can tell that Fabb has no restraints as he pummels the drums and delivers some fine double kick drum all around the recording. I liked the aspect of the band trying a number of different genre aspects from slow and subtle to intense and aggressive. After all the tensions had been let out, they chose to close with an acoustic number “When The Storm Subsides” – and I felt that this showed just how diverse they can be in this early stage of the game.
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