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“Vampire Girl”/”Zombie Girl” by The Misfits

Artist: Misfits
Title: “Vampire Girl”/”Zombie Girl”
Label: Misfits Records
Release Date: 12/11/2015
Genre: Horror Punk
Rating: 4/5

The latest musical works from The Misfits come care of the double CD of new singles with “Vampire Girl” and ”Zombie Girl” who have been paired up on this disc for the general malaise of mankind. Since there are only two tracks I’ve tossed my thoughts together on each of the tunes.

“Vampire Girl” – With “Vampire Girl” there is a slightly 1950’s vibe to the track which doesn’t surprise me since Only had recently issued the expanded version of “Project 1950”. For those in the unaware that is the album with Misfits versions of classic tunes from the era. “Vampire Girl” is a straightforward tune with a four on the floor beat that sings of romance with a very different kind of lady of the night. One that always prefers red over white unless we are talking blood cells since she’d likely enjoy both in that case. It’s a catchy tune for sure and I found myself humming along with it after only a couple of listens. Here’s an interesting side not. When Misfits last played in NYC, Only debuted the track for the audience and called up Miss Alicia Vigil of the She-Demons to play some bass for it. Remember that name going forward. Now onto the second tune on the disc.
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