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“Alive Without Control” by The Black Halos

Artist: The Black Halos
Title: “Alive Without Control”
Label: Liquor And Poker Records
Release: June 28, 2005
Genre: Punk / Rock
Rating: 9/10

The Black Halos, back in full force after a split in 2002 and better than ever, this band is every definition of a great rock band. The Halos formed in 1994 and have been putting out great records ever since. “Alive Without Control” is the third full length album for the band. The Black Halos is Billy Hopeless on vocals, Adam Becvare on guitars and vocals, Denyss McKnight on bass and vocals, Jay Millette on guitar, and Rob Zgaljic on drums. Denyss McKnight and Adam Becvare were the newest additions to the Halo family, bringing new blood to the group. On a side note Becvare was part of the reunited stint of the Lords of the New Church filling Stiv Bators’ big shoes. The MC5, the Stooges, New York Dolls and the Ramones are listed as influences, but they definitely have a uniqueness all their own.
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