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Film Review: “Super Ninja Doll” [DVD] (2008)

Film Title: “Super Ninja Doll”
Studio: Infinity Resources Inc.
Release Date: (DVD) 9/2/2008
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Erotic Comedy
Review Rating: 3/5

“Super Ninja Doll” is a film that takes the idea of Japanese Anime Super-Heroes and Science Fiction and gives it an adult premise and super sexy twist. It begins in outer space where we meet some of the key villains in the story, and one of them being Gorath, a monster of a man in body armor who recharges his powers by using the erotic energies from a beautiful Love Droid (played by Jassie James). Gorath’s partner in crime is Tantella, and their goal is universal domination. We then find our adventures being more Earth bound as the typical young innocent is caught with her comic book instead of paying attention in class. The comic books protagonist is the “Super Ninja Doll”, a heroine who derives her power from sexual energy. We get a super sexy encounter between the soon to be super girl and her cute classmate (the lovely Kitty Katzu) and while this is rather erotic and hot, it is more along the lines of what one would see during late night Cinemax channel surfing. Yes we see breasts and bare bottoms but nothing super crucial is seen. Of course, its still not something for you young viewers to be watching.
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