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Five Finger Death Punch & Breaking Benjamin Announce Co-Headlining Tour

Spring is almost here despite what the now weekly Nor’easter storms of the East Coast might say an with this approach come an ever more steady run of touring announcements. This next one gives us the low down on the pairing of two very popular bands with Five Finger Death Punch and Breaking Benjamin. Check out the full press release along with the poster and run of dates. I’ll close out with additional thoughts at the end. Let’s go.

five finger death punch, breaking  benjamin, tour posters

The Press Release:
Today, multi-platinum hard rock band, Five Finger Death Punch, have announced that they will be releasing their highly anticipated seventh full-length studio album, And Justice For None, on May 18. The long-awaited collection is available for physical pre-order today in the following formats: Standard physical CD (13 tracks), Deluxe physical CD (13 tracks + 3 bonus tracks + Cover artwork), Vinyl (13 tracks + 3 bonus tracks + Deluxe gatefold artwork). The band is also offering fans a variety of new CD/merchandise bundles. The digital album pre-order for And Justice For None will launch on April 6th. Fans who pre-order the new album will also receive an exclusive ticket pre-sale code for Five Finger Death Punch’s just announced 32-date North American summer co-headlining amphitheater tour with Breaking Benjamin.

Five Finger Death Punch are thrilled to be hitting the road for a massive series of co-headlining North American dates with Breaking Benjamin this summer. As special guests, they will bring along two of the most exciting new rock acts in the world: 3X GRAMMY Award-nominees Nothing More and Bad Wolves who are currently dominating the #1 spots on the mainstream, Rock and Metal charts in multiple countries around the world with their cover version of The Cranberries’ “Zombie”. The video for “Zombie” has garnered more than 15 million views in 2 weeks. The track has reached 3.2m streams and hit #3 on Spotify’s Viral Global Top 50, as well as #4 on Spotify’s Viral US Top 50. “Zombie” will appear on the band’s debut album Disobey, due out May 18. Rolling Stone described the song, “Bad Wolves’ interpretation of “Zombie” is moody like the Cranberries’, though the instrumentation sounds clearer and more cutting.”
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Five Finger Death Punch & The “Trespass America” Festival Are Coming

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Why? Because the guys in Five Finger Death Punch are in charge of their own festival and they are coming to a city near you soon. The tour looks to be an exciting one and features Five Finger Death Punch as the closing headliner along with Killswitch Engage, Trivium, Pop Evil, God Forbid, Emmure & Battlecross. The tour is presented by Metal Hammer magazine which is a power house in its own right in terms of holding the banner high for the genre.

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“Under And Over It” (Single) by Five Finger Death Punch

Artist: Five Finger Death Punch
Title: “Under And Over It” (Single)
Label: Prospect Park Records
Release Date: 10/11/2011
Genre: Groove Metal
Rating: 4/5

I’ve been listening to FFDP since their debut “The Way Of The Fist” and have even caught them in concert a couple of times so I am speaking with some background on this one. The band is getting ready to unleash their third album on the public which is called “American Capitalist” and the first single being unveiled to the masses comes with “Under And Over It”. With the song rising the ranks on the Active Rock charts I felt it’s a good idea to let you readers know what we are in store for. Here we go.
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“Along Came A Spider” by Alice Cooper

Artist: Alice Cooper
Title: “Along Came A Spider”
Label: SPV Records
Release Date: 7/29/2008
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 4/5

The man that is held single handedly responsible for being the focal point of almost anything shocking in Rock & Roll has returned with another sinister piece of music and this time around the one and only Alice Cooper finds himself as a serial killer in “Along Came A Spider”. Yes, his latest album essentially is a concept album and while it’s true that many of these kinds of albums are coming out fast and furious nowadays, its also true that Alice is not new to the idea and has done this on more than one occasion over the course of his career. The great thing about “ACAS” is that it still has a fresh Hard Rock angle to it, and calls to mind Alice Cooper of the early days and successfully works the crunching guitars with the macabre lyrics that the singer is laying down. For the album, Alice takes on the persona of a serial killer known as “The Spider” and the killers’ signature is wrapping his victims in silk once he has finished with them. He also removes a leg from each victim as a trophy. TV fans might realize this as something that you would want the guys on “Criminal Minds” to investigate or perhaps even our friends over on “CSI”. While it is a morbid premise to make an album about, we can all agree that society does find some fascination with serial murderers based on how many stories about them populate our mainstream media outlets. They’re on regular TV almost weekly and we also had popular movies featuring such monsters like Hannibal Lecter & Sweeney Todd to line out some examples. Either way, when its under Coopers direction the topic continues to remain as gripping and as frightening as it usually is.
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