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PiercingMetal Talks To Korpiklaani’s Jarkko Aaltonen (7/11/2006)

Logo - Korpiklaani

How do you describe the band Korpiklaani to someone who has never heard of the name before? How do you possibly explain a Metal band that has a larger than usual lineup to best deliver their brand of Folk-Metal because the use of the traditional instruments is so necessary. Very simply, you cannot accomplish this task with any ease whatsoever as any discussion requires you to have a CD player or computer to offer immediate example of the cool brand of Metal these guys are delivering. Folk Metal has been around for awhile, and can be heard in bands like Finntroll and Skyclad among a host of others. Yet of them all Korpiklaani stands out a little more since the music has more of an accessibility than the others. The band has never toured the US and given their being based in Finland the easiest way to do this interview would be via email. I tried to keep the ideas to a degree where readers could hopefully learn more about the band and dig deeper into their music. Answering the questions would be the bands bassist Jarkko. Here is what he had to say.

KP: To begin this, I find that Korpiklaani really takes the aspect of “Folk Metal” to the next level. We have heard this type of music done in Finntroll and Skyclad but it truly seems that Korpiklaani “kicks it up a notch or two”. What are your thoughts on that and have you heard this before.

Jarkko: Of course we’ve heard a lot of different comments and comparisons. Quite often we’ve been compared to some bands that I’ve never heard before so I’ve then bought one or two of their albums and checked them out myself. Skyclad for example is one of those. I really enjoyed that album but I really couldn’t hear the resemblance, except that both bands have a violin. Musically and especially lyrically really different. Same goes to Finntroll. We’ve been categorized to the same genre but musically we’re quite different. Most of the folk metal bands are basicall metal bands with some folk elements thrown in when Korpiklaani’s roots are originally in folk music and the metal part has been added later. On the latest album the metal part became a bit more dominant without losing much from the folk melodies, so I guess we’ve found a right balance between those two and some people like you will find that combination quite interesting!
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