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BabyMetal Prepped To Invade NYC With Metal & Cute In November 2014

Tour - Baby Metal - 2014

Baby Metal is a quickly growing musical phenomenon that hails from Japan and had apparently only started up about two years ago. I actually first heard of them thanks to the guys at Metal Sucks who seemed fascinated by their existence and when I investigated for myself I found three absolutely adorable Japanese singers/dancers whose names are Moametal, Su-Metal and Yuimetal respectively. Behind them is a crushing Metal band of players and the show that they have on hand is not too far off from a KISS experience in terms of the special effects they employ. They recently opened up the Lady Ga Ga shows but since I did not attend those I cannot offer up anything more than “if GaGa thinks they’re good enough it might be worthy of a larger analysis. Earlier today I learned that the group will be headlining a show at the famous Hammerstein Ballroom and this event appears to be the only East Coast appearance. It seems like a great way to start off your November.
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“Deep Blue: Chaos From Darkism” by Balzac

Artist: Balzac
Title: “Deep Blue: Chaos From Darkism”
Label: Misfits Records
Release Date: 7/31/2007
Genre: Horror Punk
Rating: 3.5/5

Balzac are the Japanese Horror Punk band who formed back in 1992 and styled much of their image and sound on the legendary Misfits. Their sound is very quick-paced and very up tempo in terms of its style and for the most part the stuff is rather catchy. Their album “Deep Blue: Chaos From Darkism” delivers twenty two energetic numbers that are sure to make any Punk Rocker an instant fan of what they are doing. The release opens with a rather strange piece which consists of sound effects and radio voiced dialogue and this blasts into “Godless”, a track that sets you up for what the band is all about. It didn’t hit me at first but I sure loved the next batch of tunes that followed it because the driving drum beat, quick guitar riffs and the very melodic backing choruses made me realize this album was going to be a lot of fun. While the songs “The Scare”, “In Those Days” and “D.A.R.K.” were immediately my favorites I found that they all blasted by me in less than 10 minutes in the same fashion as a Ramones track would and that’s good Punk in my book. It’s straight to the point of rocking you out and no time for explanations about what they are doing. I mentioned the stuff was catchy and it is so much the case that I was singing along with their “oh whoa oh” sections without any prompting to do so. As a Horror Punk band they might find some appeal in the fans of Wednesday 13, even though that Groovy Ghoul is a little more Metal than they are.
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