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Megadeth Announces Reissues “3” Of Iconic Albums

Hopefully you didn’t get too water logged with the amount of rain that we got last night because it was coming down like buckets. I’m speaking of course to our closest regional readership so you folks in warmer sunnier climates just hang tight until I’m done. Today I will be heading to the annual BookExpo and I always enjoy this event and while you wait to learn what I observed today you can check out this announcement about some Megadeth re-issues. Take a look down below.

megadeth logo

The Press Release:
Thrash metal pioneers MEGADETH burst onto the scene in 1983, virtually inventing a genre and have earned their spot as one of metal’s most influential and respected acts of all time. Over the course of their illustrious 36-year career, the band has sold more than 38 million albums worldwide, notched 6 consecutive platinum efforts, 7 top-ten albums, and has earned numerous accolades including 12 GRAMMY® nominations and a 2017 GRAMMY® Award in the “Best Metal Performance” category for the title track “Dystopia”.

With sheer determination and a relentless recording and touring schedule, MEGADETH has worked their way up from headlining clubs to headlining arenas, festival and stadiums, cementing a legacy that continues to grow and spread throughout the world.

United Abominations:
MEGADETH’s 11th studio album, entitled United Abominations, was first released on May 15, 2007. Debuting at No. 8 on the Billboard chart, it was their highest debut since 1994’s Youthanasia. The album was voted No. 1 metal album of the year by several publications and was hailed by critics and fans alike as one of the finest of the band’s career and was revered as their best in a decade.

album covers, megadeth
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Former White Lion/Megadeth Bassist James Lomenzo To Run “The Amazing Race”

Well it looks like Reality Television is getting another shot of Heavy Metal because this time around James Lomenzo (the former bassist of White Lion and Megadeth) will be running “The Amazing Race” with his friend Mark Abbattista aka Abba (a lawyer). Perhaps this is the new trend because this is the second time an actual Metal personality of some kind of note will be participating in something like this. We most recently witnessed Jennifer Arroyo aka Miss Jenncity (former of Kittie) giving it her all on “Big Brother” (and I mused about that HERE).

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“European Invasion – Doom Troopin’” [Blu-ray] by Black Label Society

Artist: Black Label Society
Title: “European Invasion – Doom Troopin’” [Blu-ray]
Label: Eagle Vision
Release Date: 8/24/2010
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 4/5

The advances of technology and upgrades in the way that we are able to enjoy music videos and audio releases now finds the once over being given to Black Label Society’s DVD “European Invasion – Doom Troopin’” DVD which now comes to us in Blu-ray format. As with all Blu-rays, these versions are much better visually and in terms of the audio that they offer and in the case of this particular one finds two DVD’s being delivered on a single disc. That being said the rest of the release is exactly the same as the previous version which we found being delivered to the assorted BLS chapters back in 2006. Having noted the immediate differences, the rest of our thoughts on this release remain the same as when it first came out. Check out what we had to say about it once again.

“Doom Troopin’ Live: The European Invasion” finds Zakk Wylde and Black Label Society in Rock solid form once again. The second DVD from the guitarist is a lot better than the “Boozed, Bruised and Broken Boned” release from a couple of years ago in terms of both camera work and overall production. “BBBB” seemed to be a little too thrown together and lost my interest at a number of turns while this new release had me from start to finish. Clearly they were paying a little more attention to details and quality this time around. This video finds BLS in support of their Artemis Records album “Mafia” and shortly after the album tour completed the band would leave the label to join Roadrunner Records. Fortunately for all Chapter members the good folks at Eagle Vision captured a killer set of tunes on film when the group hit Europe and give it to them in vibrant color. The first DVD of the two disk set features a long performance from Paris (with the Paris Chapter as they call it) along with just under a handful of songs from the London Astoria (noted with an “*” below). As the casual BLS fan I was happy to find the songs I enjoyed most present here such as “Stillborn” along with newer, quality numbers like “Suicide Messiah” and “In This River”. Wylde dedicates this particular song to his fallen Brother Dimebag Darrell Abbott and truly rips the strings like never before with this number. Clearly, Dime is not someone who will easily be forgotten especially when it comes to Zakk and their Friendship.
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Megadeth: Live Photos @ Fillmore at Irving Plaza (9/26/2007)

Logo - Megadeth

The mighty Megadeth were delivering an intimate venue show at the Fillmore at Irving Plaza and that monumental show was discussed in full on THIS LINK; Now please enjoy the photos that were captured down in the pit during their first few numbers.

megadeth, megadeth concert photos
Megadeth by Ken Pierce (2007)

megadeth, megadeth concert photos
Megadeth by Ken Pierce (2007)

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“That One Night: Live In Buenos Aires” by Megadeth

Artist: Megadeth
Title: “That One Night: Live In Buenos Aires”
Label: Image Entertainment
Release Date: 9/4/2007
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 4/5

After having the chance to enjoy the killer live concert DVD by Megadeth for a couple of months now one might wonder whether an audio only version of this is concert is actually necessary. If you are one of those people who does not yet own the DVD for “That One Night: Live In Buenos Aires”, then you are indeed a Metal fan who is cheating themselves out of a totally enjoyable and kick ass concert film. The release itself has been receiving some high acclaim and showed a Megadeth that was firmly back in control of their destiny and deserving of any of the accolades that they were getting. It was filmed after the first Gigantour had completed and showcases the lineup of Dave Mustaine, the Drover Brothers Glen and Shawn and bassist James McDonough in front of a capacity crowd in Argentina. Given the band’s appearance in a region where they really know and love their Metal it was not surprising to find that the band shows a tightness that is only able to come after months of grueling touring. Needless to say the audience is beside themselves with joy and exhilaration as the band performed its set. The show was in support of “The System Has Failed”, their newest release at the time and as result had a fair amount of material from the album along with a number of staple numbers from their catalog. All in all this was a very worthy addition to one’s DVD collection. With that being said, do we really need to own the audio only version of this and my answer is very clearly “yes”. In order to make sure that fans had something to firm their decision up for them, Image Entertainment has included three additional songs from the concert that were not on the DVD. Those songs are “Skin Of My Teeth”, “Angry Again” and “Die Dead Enough” and each of them sounds fine but my favorite falls to “Skin” as it’s such a great live tune.
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