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“Moment Of Reckoning” by Jacknife

Artist: Jacknife
Title: “Moment Of Reckoning”
Label: Zero Sun Recordings
Release: September 13, 2005
Genre: Heavy/Doom Metal
Rating: 7/10

Everything’s bigger in Texas, or so they say, well so is Jacknife’s sound. Jacknife, a heavy metal band who’s hometown is Dallas, Texas have released their album “Moment Of Reckoning” where influences such as Megadeth, Anthrax, Iron Maiden and Overkill are all prominent throughout the record. We have Steve Pruett (guitar), Mike Warren (guitar), Joseph Fontenot (bass), Joe Ortiz (vocals) and Tommy Crooks (drums) to make up this monstrous sound that Jacknife produces.
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