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Folk Metal Masters Eluveitie Announce Dramatic Lineup Changes

Now this was some shocking stuff to see posted on a gloomy Thursday morning. One of our very favorites bands and providers of crushing Folk Metal, Eluveitie, have announced what is nothing less than a major dramatic shift in the lineup. The bands full statement is below.

Logo - Eluveitie

Official Statement:

“With a heavy heart we have to announce that Eluveitie will go through another change soon.
We have decided to part ways with our longtime drummer Merlin Sutter. In the consequence of this, Merlin’s close personal friends Anna Murphy and Ivo Henzi decided to leave Eluveitie as well.

We all developed a lot over the last ten years – not only as a band, but also as individuals. And we partly developed in different directions; different goals, wishes and ideas emerged. Over the last years we all had to deal with interpersonal challenges within the band. Instead of pulling together, our days have rather been shaped by wearing friction and constant clash of interests. And thus we felt that we have become something we shouldn’t have; that we’ve diverged from what Eluveitie was always meant to be – a band, a family, a passionate and deep-rooted group of musicians, where heart’s blood can flow freely! Eluveitie was always meant to be about „rock’n’roll“, passion and also about ‘carrying the torch’ of the Celtic spirit. Yet over the years we have partly diverged from our roots, which is not good.

Each and every single one of us is definitely a passionate musician! But in this group constellation, we seemed to rather cumber, than to inspire each other. The band has suffered from this for a longer time now.
So we ended up in this painful situation where the mentioned facts have made it impossible to us to continue like this and we came to the point eventually, where we believe, it’s best to go seperate ways.
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“Slania” by Eluveitie

Artist: Eluveitie
Title: “Slania”
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Release Date: 3/11/2008
Genre: Pagan Folk Metal
Rating: 5/5

Formed in 2002 as a simple side project, the Swiss Pagan Folk Metal band Eluveitie is the latest act to join forces with Nuclear Blast Records and present to the world on a much larger scale their unique brand of Metal. This label debut is actually the bands second album and entitled “Slania” and should you already be a fan of this type of stuff in the rapidly growing genre you will love it, but have you the need for some additional education on the format let’s do a little recap. The Pagan Folk Metal genre is by no means at all new but it has been picking up steam fast and furious over the last couple of years. The scene has given us a number of notable acts that you might already be aware of or even caught live in concert such as Finntroll, Korpiklaani and Ensiferum. To be honest the genre on the whole seems to work hand in hand very well with the Viking Metal style and finds bands like Tyr and Turisas coming off as close second cousins in music. The genre’s appeal can most easily be traced to its interesting blend of Celtic instrumentation and the bands daring to have not only a traditional guitar, bass, drums making up their core. To up the ante and deliver something that much more unique these bands often add and incorporate violins, flutes and even accordion in some cases. The other thing that Folk Metal does very well is bring up the level of atmosphere in the band’s presentation and as you listen there will be instances where the music takes you to faraway lands and times in the distant past. “Slania” opens with “Samon” and this is a crunching intro that reminded me a little bit of something out of the Highlander movies with its epic and sweeping feel. They continue along with “Primordial Breath” and this is a really intricate mixture of Death Metal elements over the Celtic vibe and while many bands have done it before them, it becomes clear that Eluveitie are probably going to be referred to as one of its masters. The release is highly energetic but very different from a band like Korpiklaani who are also on Nuclear Blast Records by the way. That Finnish group is much more “spirited” and they spend much of their time singing of drinking and having fun times. This doesn’t mean that the Eluveitie stuff is any less fun but it is quite a bit heavier than their label mates and they use a lot more of the blast beat drumming, growling vocals and lightning fast guitar riffing while the Folk melodies envelop them. A perfect example of just how well the elements can work together is in the track “Gray Sublime Archon” as it blisters by you at incredible speeds while flutes and pipes are clearly heard in the background. Like I said, this is some really interesting stuff and as each song completes you find yourself eager to hear the next piece.
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