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Fear Factory @ Irving Plaza (11/8/2005)

Logo - Fear Factory

Artist: Fear Factory
Venue: Irving Plaza
Opener: Soilwork, Strapping Young Lad, Darkane
Date: 11/8/2005
Label: Calvin Records

Hot off the heels of their support of Megadeth with their appearance on Gigantour, Fear Factory was back with a headlining set. For the fans this band has this would be a welcome thing as Fear Factory was one of those Gigantour bands that was only afforded 30 minutes of performance time and this is just not enough to have when you are a band of this capacity. They also made sure to bring along some incredible groups as support and to give every fan their money’s worth without question. They labeled this “The Transgression Tour” which was smartly going to keep the name of their new album fresh in your mind. Joining Fear Factory on the tour would be Darkane, Strapping Young Lad and Soilwork. All of these bands are under the Century Media Records family in some fashion. Here is a little about each band for easier reference.
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Stryper @ Irving Plaza (10/6/2003)

Logo - Stryper2

Stryper Reunion Tour Rocks New York City – Irving Plaza October 6th, 2003

Traditionally, a Monday evening is not a night that I like to go see Shows, mostly because of needing to be in work so early in the morning. However, this time was a different case. For on You see, New York City’s Irving Plaza club was this time the host the the one and only STRYPER. This was of course the Christian Metal band from the mid 80’s who’s songs took a different approach to many metal bands of the time. Instead of singing about darker things and life and wild parties, their tunes were more about Love, devotion and following Jesus Christ. For those that never knew it, STRYPER actually stood for Salvation Through Redemption Yielding Peace Encouragement and Righteousness. The band states that their name is derived from the Biblical verse in Isaiah 53:5 “…by His stripes we are healed.” This passage is visible directly under the bands logo.
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HIM @ Irving Plaza (11/15/2004)

Logo - HIM

Artist: HIM
Venue: Irving Plaza (New York, NY)
Date: 11/15/2004
Opener: Monster Magnet & Melissa Auf De Maur
Label: Sire Records

Having attended the previous evening’s performance for HIM I entered the venue tonight with my friends a little more relaxed and sporting some notes from the night before to reference against what would go on this evening. Since both of the performances had been long sold out I felt that I was I was lucky enough to be able to attend both nights of these shows and it was worth my doing so on behalf of the site readers. Tonight I would pay a little more attention to Melissa Auf De Maur who played what seemed to be a couple of different numbers this time around and was a little heavier than I remembered her being last night. I might have to look more into them as time allows. Monster Magnet was again tight but were doing the exact same set as the previous night. Even the introduction at the beginning by Dave Wyndorf, their singer, who was tossing cigarettes into the crowd in order to assist in the corruption of the youth was the same. However the band does Rock and are quite solid live. Wyndorf did bring on a dancing girl who did her thing during “Space Lord” which made it a little more interesting and fun. I hope to see a full Magnet set sometime soon as their music really rocks in a very 70’s sorta way.
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HIM @ Irving Plaza (11/14/2004)

Logo - HIM

Artist: HIM
Venue: Irving Plaza (New York, NY)
Date: 11/14/2004
Opener: Monster Magnet & Melissa Auf De Maur
Label: Sire Records

H.I.M. has returned to the States for a short tour that once again brought them to New York City for two nights out of the 14 listed on the tee-shirts being sold. This time around the venue would be larger as well as the opening acts being a litte more known to a wider public. Monster Magnet would be on hand as well as Melissa Auf De Maur. Each one of these performers an interesting act which made the ticket price a good deal. The last time H.I.M. played the States the NYC Venue was the Bowery Ballroom where about 500 people got to see them in a very intimate venue (discussed HERE). Now this would be doubled by Irving Plaza and both shows were completely sold out.
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Marillion @ Irving Plaza (10/6/2004)

Artist: Marillion
Venue: Irving Plaza (New York, NY)
Date: 10-06-2004
Opener: unknown
Label: Racket Records
Genre: Progressive Rock

I have to be quite honest with you in admitting that I attended this show both expecting to be disappointed and for it not to be all that good. I must also say that I was completely wrong on both counts. You might wonder what made me come to such a drastic conclusion so early. Well, Marillion has been a tad difficult to follow here in the United States as it is very hard to get their CD’s which are all imports and hence on the expensive side. The last few albums they released also simply did not do it for me beyond one or two songs. When you add to the fact that they seldom tour the United States you get the picture. All of this was to change tonight. I stopped at a local pub first and ran into some visiting Brits who had actually followed the group from the UK to the USA. That was impressive and after several pints and these enthusiastic Brits I found myself inside a jam-packed Irving Plaza. The Venue is a nice place to see a group as it offers a decent sized floor area and some room on a balcony. Over 1,000 dedicated Marillion fans were in attendance and it was interesting to find out that the trip was fan club supported. This would be the bands first return in about seven years.
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