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PiercingMetal’s “Best Of” 2018: Top Nine On Instagram

Well how about that my friends, it appears as though we’ve once again arrived at the time where the Instagram “Top Nine” images are tabulated and that means you get to enjoy them as well. Over the course of 2018, I really was enjoying the use of Instagram as a social networking tool and I’m fairly certain that I used it a lot more than any of the other socials combined. The rundown will come after the image below so please take a gander. I figured that I’d offer up some background on them all.

instagram, top nine, years best photos
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About These Visuals: Starting from the top left hand corner we’ve got the band Paramore which is fronted by Hayley Williams and right next to that is the ominious Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein and his own parmour Alissa White-Gluz of Arch Enemy. A lot of you longer terms website readers will likely remember Alissa from The Agonist. Closing up the first row is Black Veil Brides singer Andy Black who was showing off a brand new comic graphic novel at the Last Rites Gallery. I’m not sure why they decided to cut off artist Eryk Donovan but that is the app for you. Sorry Eryk. The second row was from a great SiriusXM Town Hall with the legendary Judas Priest and that is the lads and myself post their interview at the station. It’s always great to say hello to The Priest and of course to support their live shows. The Brits are followed next by two images of the lovely and talented Riki “Riddle” Lecotey who is a cosplayer of some reknown. They were taken from The BoroughCon event and we just love her amazing designs. Our last row is the also legendary Glenn Hughes who was delivering a solo tour that celebrated his Deep Purple years. This row is completed by a visual from the Ghost Press Conference that was held by Papa Nihil and Sister Imperator and the great Zakk Wylde from Black Label Society and Ozzy Osbourne during his special appearance at the “Fear The Riff” Expo in Brooklyn. Good times. As you can see, the collage shows that we recieved 25.8K likes for the sum total of our 6,716 posted images. Though we’ve gone up over 1K followers to 1,419 the sum-total likes dropped a chunk in comparison to last year. I think this was based on our flipping between personal and business accounts to get some standings but in the business account we saw less people coming aboard much like the Facebook Official Page. Since Facebook owns Instagram a lot of the same algorithm stuff goes on and they want you to pay for ads which I am NOT going to do.
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PiercingMetal’s “Best Of” 2017: Top Nine On Instagram


If you’ve been following the website and its social networks for the last couple of years, you already know that I just love using Instagram to share my adventures doing PiercingMetal concert and event coverage with the world of visitors dropping in.  As we close out the 2017 year, it was time to share what amounted to our “Top Nine” images on the Instagram app and I’ve presented them to you down below.  I’ll throw in some background on them down below as well so check it out.

instagram, top nine on instagram
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About These Visuals:  I don’t think that I need to name any of the musical personalities in the “Top Nine” or do I?  If so, that’s James Hetfield (Metallica), Mike Patton (Faith No More/Dead Cross), Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden), Papa Emeritus III (Ghost) and one of the Nameless Ghouls (also Ghost).  It was cool to see visuals being in the top even though I liked some o the other Metallica photos in my feed a little bit more.  Those concert photos were done with the professional rig and not my mobile phone and I shared them to Instagram with the Official Facebook Page we maintain.  Oh wait, the Dickinson one was done with the mobile since I had a very close seat to the action.  Among the other images are the now currently shuttered Webster Hall which was snapped during its final days and a quick hello from the Metallica shop that was set up during their recent tour.  The image from the websites twelfth anniversary is there which is nice and by the way we are closing in on the thirteenth anniversary.  The last one is probably the most recent photo and is photographer Ville Juurikkala who had a HIM exhibit up for a few days when the band was in our city for the final time during their farewell tour.  The collage says that we got almost 33K likes to 1.6K images so please keep it coming if you are using Instagram as well.  At the point of this writing we have 4,758 images posted and just under 1,300 followers.  The more the merrier much like our Facebook I always say.

At this point in time the PiercingMetal Instagram is followed by a little under “1300” accounts and our demographic is 54% Men and 46% Women. Our biggest region is New York (no surprise there) and followed by Los Angeles. The top age range is 25-34.

You readers can get your own 2017 Best Nine by clicking 2017 Best Nine and if you want to share the link to your Instagram when you post yours in the app you can do that in the comments section. I plan on like bombing a lot of profiles over the next few days so why not be among them 🙂 Remember to follow our adventures on the main Social Networks of Facebook, Twitter and yes even Instagram. All the links are below. See you next time.


Presenting PiercingMetal’s “Best 9” Instagram Photos For 2016

I’ve been having a blast using the Official Instagram for PiercingMetal.com this past year because I really put it to use at both shows and conventions combined.  I guess I have had this account for almost four years now and I remembered creating it when Nightwish was performing for the very first time at The Beacon Theatre in 2012.  The overall tally of the Official PiercingMetal Instagram at the time of my posting this narrative is that it has 3,077 photos uploaded and a profile that is followed by 1,133 users.   According to the “Best 9” website this account has had 23,905 likes on 1,214 photos and that’s pretty awesome to learn.  I strive to have 100% original images and notations on this profile unlike some of the folks out there who use other peoples photos, posters and such as their own.  To me that is cheap and those accounts shouldn’t be followed at all.  Thanks to the fun website link which you will find at the end of this narrative, I was able to learn what my “9” most popular posted images were in 2016 and I’m sharing that result with you below. Here is the graphic of those nine images that amounted to my “Best 9”.
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PiercingMetal & Social Networking: Instagram

If you have an iPhone you have no doubt already heard about and have been using the application known as “Instagram”. If I had to venture a guess, I would say that almost everyone I know must have an iPhone because I am constantly seeing their captured visuals on their Facebook pages and Twitter posts. So what is Instagram and why am I adding it to this little series of narratives you might ask? Well, let’s get down to it shall we.

Launched to the public as a free application in October 2010, Instagram is a photographic application that makes use of your Smartphones camera and let’s you change images around a little bit in terms of their design and shading to make them even more appealing or interesting. You can even add captions to them that your friends/followers can read or comment back on. Similar to the Facebook Liking system, there is a little heart that you can click to approve an image. Sadly, at this point in time when I post this for you, its only something that the iPhone users seem to have to their advantage in their application arsenal. Mind you I can take photos with my Droid Incredible device and then share with my Twitter and Facebook as well, but the tinkering that people can do in Instagram adds a new level of coolness to doing this kind of thing and that is what is driving more and more people to download it. Those who want to play around can get it via the iTunes Store.

Now to the reason I added this to my little Social Networking narratives. The answer to that is very simple. With so many people networking and sharing information via the two giant Facebook and Twitter mediums, the use of Instagram has created a sort of photo social networking. I’ve not been able to really experiment by being a Droid user, but I have looked at friends phones and their accounts with them to see how they are chiming in on celebrity account photos or following people of note or friends that they find more interesting than some others. The following and commenting on and sharing of these images makes it a bit of a Social Network of its own to me but on a slightly different level. It’s pretty cool as long as people keep using this for good and not to do anyone harm. I will add that I do not know offhand if Instagram will work on the new iPad’s that are coming out in March so if any readers get one and can play around perhaps let us know in the comments section of this posting.

UPDATE 4/3/2012: I am happy to be able to share this news with you readers and Android device users because today anyone with a Droid phone will be able to download and use Instagram. For me this is a kind of technological birthday present for the website because tomorrow is the anniversary of PiercingMetal’s launch. I downloaded it and can be found under the user name of “PiercingKen”. I might create a more music scene focused ID like PiercingMetal and this way can share exclusive finds that relate to my journalism and photo adventures. For now though I will use this ID and dabble about to see what I can learn. Follow me if you want.

PiercingKen on Instagram = HERE

UPDATE 4/12/2012: Wow, Facebook has purchased Instagram. Will this be good or bad? You decide. I am on the fence about it.

UPDATE 9/15/2012: I’m heading out to see Nightwish and Kamelot in New York City this evening and since its a big event for Metal I decided that I would act upon my months ago comment about potentially creating an Instagram account purely for PiercingMetal.com adventures in music and media. My readers already know that I take a lot of photos so this makes sense and lets me instantly get some more cool ideas out before I sit down and write the articles and blogs up. I think that it will be a lot of fun so please come and follow that account via the link below.

PiercingMetal on Instagram = HERE

Official Website: http://www.instagram.com
Official Wikipedia Entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Instagram