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Insomnium @ Gramercy Theatre

Insomnium returns to NYC but this time as the headliner and will be joined by Dead City Crown as support.

Epica @ Playstation Theater

Epica will deliver their greatest songs in the Big Apple with support from Lacuna Coil, Insomnium and more. Don’t miss this always thrilling band.

Insomnium @ Gramercy Theatre

Insomnium returns to NYC and brings along Omnium Gatherum as support. NYC shall quake with Finnish Metal this evening.

This Just In: Insomnium Announces Tour Replacement For Niilo Sevanen

Logo - Insomnium

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but this came through the email a little while ago and I wanted to toss it up online for any of you that are planning on hitting this sure to be thunderous event. Please scroll down for the Official Press Statement from Finnish Metal Doomsters, Insomnium.

Tour - Insomnium - Summer 2015

Set to kick off their headlining North American tour this week, Finnish melodic death metallers INSOMNIUM have announced a live replacement for vocalist/bassist Niilo Sevanen. The band comments:

“Dear fans, Last Saturday we got unexpected phone call while driving to Gothoom Festival in Slovakia. Unfortunately, serious illness had taken place in Niilo’s close family. We all felt devastated but somehow we were still able to pull through the show. However, due to these unpredicted circumstances, there was no way Niilo could have been able to leave his family behind and attend the upcoming US tour. Family is the most important thing and always comes first.

We were left with two equally bad options. To cancel the tour altogether or to go and try to find replacement for Niilo in couple of days notice. We had already invested considerable amount of money on this tour and whole tour personnel had made commitments to take time off from other work to do this tour. At the same time we felt really bad about thinking about financial side of things while one of our best friends was going through terrible family tragedy. After series of emergency meetings we decided to go and look if there would be anyone that could help us out. All things considered, 50% original line up would be better than no line up at all. We also did not want to let down all the people who had already bought the tickets. Most importantly, we did not want to give up.
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Katatonia @ B.B. King Blues Club (9/6/2007)

Katatonia are an incredible Dark Metal band and their dramatic style of music would be the entertainment at B.B. King’s this evening. The tour also featured Scar Symmetry, Insomnium and Swallow The Sun so there was a very interesting mix of styles going on. We were there for everyone on the bill and if you want to see more just keep scrolling past the logo below. We reviewed and photographed everyone for all to enjoy.

Logo - Katatonia

Artist: Katatonia
Venue: B.B. King Blues Club (New York, NY)
Opener: Scar Symmetry, Swallow The Sun, Insomnium
Date: 9/6/2007
Label: Peaceville Records

It was great to find Katatonia performing a headlining set of music for the Metal heads of New York City when they came around for the second time with a tour of their own. When we first caught them they had been the direct support for Portugal’s Moonspell and while this was a terrific show on its own there was quite a different dynamic happening between the Doom-laden Atmospherics that they possessed and the crushing Gothic Metal of the headliner. The show very clearly proved to the audience that Katatonia was a headlining band without question and immediately after they finished there was requests of them to return as soon as possible. The touring bill would find three opening slots which allowed Swallow The Sun, Insomnium and Scar Symmetry to join in and bring their own brands of Metal to hopefully quite a few new Metal hungry fans. Those who have been following the newer arrivals to the Metal scene would agree that this particular show would lean a little much to the Doom side and have a lot of similarity in the overall sound but with each band being interesting in their own right I don’t think anyone in the club would mind. As expected, B.B. King Blues Club would be the scene of this “Doomfest” and with the crowd building rather early tonight it seemed that the trudging and solemn vibe of this kind of Metal was set to begin. Here is what the night held for those who made it down.
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