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Marvel Comics #1’s Onsale In April 2015

Get out of the way March, April is here and Marvel Comics is not fooling around with their offerings for the month. Some really interesting stuff here to peruse so please take a gander so we can discuss at the close of this narrative. As usual the larger copy is officially submitted press notes to media along with the images and then I’ll offer up my views about the whole shebang. Let’s go.

Comic - Avengers Magazine 1 - 2015

Avengers Magazine #1: With AVENGERS 2: AGE OF ULTRON right around the corner, Marvel celebrates the greatest super-team the world has ever known with a FREE magazine-sized extravaganza! Meet the creative legend who helped start it all, Jack Kirby, as we look back at his first year of AVENGERS artistry! Relive the history of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes with a series of probing character profiles! Explore the Avengers’ creative history with “Earth’s Mightiest Interview,” a roundtable with some of the greatest writers in the team’s history, and have your mind blown by a gallery of all-time great Avengers artist John Buscema’s finest work! All this and more — including a countdown of the greatest Avengers stories of all time! Earth’s Mightiest Magazine is distributed free in April! Retailers: Check upcomng Marvel Mailers for details on how to receive your free copies.Also available for order, a keepsake edition of AVENGERS MAGAZINE #1 featuring a cover by JACK KIRBY
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