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Lez Zeppelin @ J&R Music World (4/16/2011)

Logo - Lez Zeppelin

Artist: Lez Zeppelin
Venue: J&R Music World (New York, NY)
Opener: n/a
Date: 4/16/2011
Label: Pie Records

It was that time of the musical year again as Record Store Day hit the region with a melodic force of nature. I present it like this because while this is always an event to remember, the weather outside was doing its best to keep the adventurous gormandizer far away from the racks at J&R Music World. It would clearly have to do a lot worse to stop those kind of folks from taking advantage of the discounts at this store and to prevent them from enjoying some free music courtesy of the band Lez Zeppelin. In order to celebrate Record Store Day, the ladies would be doing a special acoustic set of Zeppelin classics and also giving people a chance to pick up their sophomore album “Lez Zeppelin I” and get it signed if they had such interest.
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ZO2 In-Store Appearance @ J&R Music World (4/17/2010)

Logo - ZO2

Artist: ZO2
Venue: J&R Music World (New Yotk, NY)
Opener: n/a
Date: 4/17/2010
Label: In Tune Music

Now that your taxes were paid you could sit back and relax and see what money you had left to use for that wonderful musical holiday that they call “Record Store Day”. At this stage of the game in music purchasing I am guessing that it should be called either “CD Day” or “MP3 Day” when you think about it. Of course there are vinyl releases coming out every now and again these days but they are no longer the ruler of the musical roost when compared to the dominant mediums. The fun today would take place at J&R Music World where we have covered a number of in-store appearances and intimate performances in the past and among the many that were taking part in the day would be Folk legend Judy Collins and Brooklyn’s own ZO2.
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Zebra’s Randy Jackson @ J&R Music World (8/29/2009)

Randy Jackson is the powerhouse voice and guitar behind the band Zebra and for the past three decades has entertained fans with their incredible brand of Hard Rock. Every so often we find the musician doing an acoustic set of material at a venue near you but this time he would be performing at J&R Music World’s music instrument store and offer fans and customers the chance to enjoy him in very close quarters and for free. We couldn’t resist the chance to take part in this.

Logo - Zebra

Artist: Randy Jackson (Zebra)
Venue: J&R Music World (New York, NY)
Opener: n/a
Date: 8/29/2009

As the summer moved steadily to a close I had to say that New York City was being treated to an incredibly diverse amount of Metal and Hard Rock shows and more than I can remember the previous years offering us. The summer itself had been a productive one in terms of what it had delivered to the fans and over the past two weeks alone we found Marduk, Otep, Mushroomhead, Night Ranger, Heaven and Hell and even former Manowar guitarist Ross The Boss who happened to play a rousing set of music until the wee hours of this very morning with NWOBHM’s Raven as direct support. It appeared that the only thing heavier than the music would be the dreadful level of humidity that had been hitting us over the recent weeks. Today’s fun would definitely be something special in nature and find guitarist/singer Randy Jackson from Zebra delivering an acoustic set of tunes in the new J&R Music World music instrument store. I really love that J&R Music World does these kinds of things and feel they totally understand the music fans that are out there and in the recent past we have been present for in-store signings by the likes of Halford and Twisted Sister and in store gigs from Shadow’s Fall so it would be cool to enjoy the difference of an acoustic set by Randy.
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