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“In Memory” (remaster) by Nevermore

Artist: Nevermore
Title: “In Memory” (remaster)
Label: Century Media Records
Release Date: 9/5/2006
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 4/5

In celebration of their 15th Anniversary, Century Media Records has released several remastered editions of their best artists which have also been expanded to include unreleased and demo tracks along with enhanced artwork.

According to lead singer Warrel Dane, the material on the “In Memory” EP was a bit rushed in terms of its production as it was a record label request that the band have something new available for the masses while their next album, the prolific “Politics Of Ecstasy” was being worked on. The EP would be able to be purchased by the fans that would be in attendance at one of the festivals the band would be playing in Europe. As you listen to the music on this EP, you will totally find a strong representation of the bands former life as Sanctuary. The way that Warrel sings on “The Sorrowed Man”, which he cites was actually a Sanctuary tune but the album that it was to go on never was able to be recorded, released and hence the band was nevermore if I can slide a pun in there since it fits so well. “Matricide” is another complex number that delivers while the odd choice of the Bauhaus medley of “Silent Hedges/Double Dare” really works when given a Metal sheen to its original brooding Gothic version.
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