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“In Concert” by Cinderella

Artist: Cinderella
Title: “In Concert”
Label: Cleopatra Records
Release Date: 3/29/2005
Genre: Rock & Roll
Rating: 3/5

Filmed during the band’s musical peak in 1991 while in performance on one of their “Heartbreak Station” shows; Cinderella is captured live in Detroit in front of a sold out crowd. By the time their third album had been released on the fans the band had become one of the more reliable standouts musically from the other L.A circuit “Hair Bands” around them. As expected, this concert finds Cinderella performing all of their hits of the day and as I watched this DVD I was reminded of how different the Hard Rock and Metal scene was at the time. “Hair Metal” as it had become referenced was slowly being edged aside by the Grunge Movement (or Seattle Sound) but by the look of this show you could see that Cinderella as one of the biggest bands of the day was not going quietly into that good night. Since this DVD is from a 1991 show there are certain limitations to the overall production in terms of lighting, sound and angles but overall there is enough good music here to make you look past that. It’s the kind of release that you cannot compare to the same that is delivered today with 18 different cameras used all over the theatres – this is a professionally shot concert that brings you seventeen of the bands best songs.
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