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Immolation @ Gramercy Theatre (10/10/2011)

Logo - Immolation

Artist: Immolation
Venue: Gramercy Theatre (New York, NY)
Opener: Jungle Rot, Gigan, Immolith
Date: 10/10/2011
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

It’s always great for the Metal fans when the mighty Immolation sets their sites on the Big Apple as they continually deliver a crushing experience that throttles the senses and leaves you screaming for more. You might remember that the band delivered “Majesty and Decay” back in 2010 and did some short touring in this region. We caught them at The Studio at Webster Hall and it was great but we prefer to see a band like this on a larger stage and that made The Gramercy Theatre the perfect choice of venue for the gig. The tour would find them being joined by Jungle Rot and Gigan and also feature the local talent of the New Jersey based Black Metal band Immolith. Having only a small background on all of the openers, I made sure to get into the venue in time to see this show from just after it began. Here is how the night went down if you were stupid enough to miss it.

Immolith: There was a discrepancy about the actual start time and that found my friends and I arriving just towards the end of the apparently crushing set being dished out by Immolith. Without sounding like a prima donna, I am almost always unimpressed by the local openers these days because so few of them possess the necessary fire that will lead them to future greatness. This was not the case when it came to Immolith. As a Black Metal outfit the band was suitably made up in the pre-requisite Corpse Paint but their overall tunes were what was selling me. It appeared to be solid and very frenetically paced stuff that I knew I wanted to hear more of. Sadly the guys didn’t have any music for me to indulge in and if they did I didn’t see it before it was too late. Watch out for this band if you like Black Metal, I think we shall be hearing a lot about them. Gigan was up next.
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