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Max and Iggor Cavalera @ Gramercy Theatre

Max and Iggor Cavalera will bring their “Back To The Roots” tour to NYC and deliver the classic Metal of Sepultura to life in the manner that the bands fans have wanted for years. Don’t miss out on this exciting show that also features the crushing Immolation

PiercingMetal’s “Best Of” 2013: The Concerts

At this point in time do I really need to say that I see a lot of concerts during the course of the year? I hope not because this one of the key factors that makes up my daily life as founder of the PiercingMetal brand. That said ?I wanted to once again use the Official Blog for the site to highlight a number of the shows that I attended during 2013 that I felt were the absolute best experiences. They’re not really in order of impact or importance but there are a few at the top that did hit me the hardest. Here we go.

1. Metallica @ The Apollo Theater: Thrashing like a maniac in Harlem? Yeah that happened. Classic set and free beer for the whole show. No complaints here.

2. Kamelot @ Stage 48: Returning to the headlining stage with Delain as support and Eklipse. This was a righteous show for sure. My belief in this band was reinforced yet again. I was not surprised in this.

3. Eddie Trunk 30th Anniversary Bash: Another one that I was super fortunate to participate in because an all-star jam with members of KISS, Overkill, Twisted Sister, Accept, Anthrax, Stryper, Guns n Roses and so many more is just impossible to qualify as being “an okay time”. This was insanity.

4. Trans-Siberian Orchestra @ Prudential Center: The final go round for the “Lost Christmas Eve” tour premise. Always a bombastic spectacle that needs seeing for believing.

5. Rock Allegiance Tour w/Volbeat & HIM @ Williamsburg Park: Two excellent main acts and solid support from All That Remains. Whew. Exciting for Brooklyn and you know how we roll in this borough.

6. Black Veil Brides @ Best Buy Theater: The Church Of The Wild Ones destroyed NYC with this appearance. The BVB clearly delivers in the live sense and they love their fans.

7. Testament @ Best Buy Theater: Testament on the rightful headlining stage with support from the mighty Overkill. Yeah you were going to be in pain after this one. I know my head was ringing for days.

8. Robin Zander @ B.B. King Blues Club: The legendary front man doing a solo gig of covers and songs he likes with legendary area musicians. This was surprise after surprise and a show I was glad to have been a part of. Randy Jackson opened and left you wanting more when he left.
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New Year’s Music Resolutions For 2013: Part 8

We are off and running my dear readers in The Metal Republic and while it’s only day two of 2013, this is actually part eight of our “New Year’s Music Resolutions for 2013” from Metal and Hard Rock greats. Someone asked me why I actually started this just after Christmas, and well the answer is simple….I started them on 12/26 because I wanted to is why 🙂 Being serious, I do it like this to give you readers something new and interesting as the year closes since its generally a dry time for big happenings. It also lets me better space out the responding quotes. Now onto the regularly scheduled program….

1. Mo “Royce” Petersen (Tragedy: Heavy Metal Tribute To The Bee Gees): We resolve to look like Manowar by the end of 2013. (We already sound exactly like them)

2. Addiction For Destruction: Addiction For Destruction are looking forward to on tour over the world in 2013 and releasing a couple of new videos! We want to keep building our international fan base. Train keeps rollin’, stay tuned!

3. Steph Paynes (Lez Zeppelin): That Lez Zeppelin will be invited to play the Isle of Wight Festival, followed by a UK Tour, during which many magickal things will happen…
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PiercingMetal’s “Best Of” 2011: The Concerts

Logo - The Best Of

Even though I generally hammer out the concerts I liked the most in my year end overview, I figured that it was high time to start using the blog to feature this kind of angle. So what I did was start with the view of sharing my top 10 concerts that I attended in 2011. Then I wrote down fifteen, then twenty and then begged my brain to stop letting the coffee push me towards thirty concerts and end with twenty three. Of course since I saw about “80” shows this past year there were a lot more that I liked but these were probably my very favorite.

1. Kamelot @ Gramercy Theatre: The band returned to the headline stage with Fabio of Rhapsody Of Fire, would he be the new voice of the band? I hope so since he ruled.

2. Trans-Siberian Orchestra @ Prudential Center: This year’s tour was apparently to be the last of the presentations of “Christmas Eve and Other Stories” for awhile and wow how could that not be a thing to see. As always this group pulls out the stops and leaves me impressed and exhausted.

3. Volbeat @ Irving Plaza: These guys are just climbing the ladder of success.

4. Stryper @ B.B. King Blues Club: There is nothing like a little bit of a yellow and black attack in this Times Square venue.

5. Thin Lizzy @ Best Buy Theater: Phil Lynott might be gone but his influence and melody remains.

6. Amon Amarth @ Best Buy Theater: A crushing two set domination by these Death Metal Vikings.

7. Alter Bridge @ Best Buy Theater: Really love what this band does live.

8. Otep @ The Studio at Webster Hall: I’m merely a casual fan of Otep but I really was psyched about the openers of Blackguard, Sister Sin, One-Eyed Doll and Destrophy.

9. Black Veil Brides @ Gramercy Theatre: Entertaining band onstage and watching them grow is pretty cool.

10. Cinderella @ Irving Plaza: Shake Me NYC.

11. Renaissance @ The NY Society for Ethical Culture: Tonight the band performed two legendary works in their entirety. I was not missing this one.

12. Satan’s Lounge Band (Anthrax) @ Best Buy Theater: A special album release show. Cannot go wrong with that.

13. Slash @ Best Buy Theater: This was a Road Recovery event but had lots of worthwhile jamming going on.

14. Diamondhead @ B.B. King Blues Club: Educating myself with some classic NWOBH

15. Blaze Bayley @ B.B. King Blues Club: Bruce’s replacement in Maiden didn’t disappoint those fans who came out. He even stayed until the last fan got to shake his hand.

16. Immolation @ Gramercy Theatre: This band doesn’t headline enough around these parts.

17.The Misfits @ B.B. King Blues Club: It was Halloween Night, I saw no other way to celebrate it.

18. Shonen Knife @ The Bell House: Time for something different, I had never seen them before so gladly did so tonight.

19. Five Finger Death Punch @ Best Buy Theater: This was a wallop.

20. A Pale Horse Named Death @ The Studio at Webster Hall: Former members of Type O Negative deliver
their own doom Metal and it’s solid stuff.

21. Armored Saint @ The Studio at Webster Hall: I was never a big fan but wanted to see their gig in NYC and it rocked.

22. Corey Taylor @ Highline Ballroom: An acoustic show featuring the Slipknot/Stone Sour singer, that sure was interesting.

23. Twisted Sister @ Best Buy Theater: It’s a Twisted Christmas Charlie Brown. Santa Dee is coming to town.

24. The Big Four: Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax @ Yankee Stadium: Need I say more? I didn’t think so.

What shows mattered most to you readers? Were you in agreement with me about some of the things I listed here after seeing them yourself? I would love to hear from you on this so please do comment in. I left them open for you so feel free to indulge me. Don’t forget to follow PiercingMetal.com on the popular Social Networks of Facebook and Twitter which are linked below.

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Immolation @ Gramercy Theatre (10/10/2011)

Logo - Immolation

Artist: Immolation
Venue: Gramercy Theatre (New York, NY)
Opener: Jungle Rot, Gigan, Immolith
Date: 10/10/2011
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

It’s always great for the Metal fans when the mighty Immolation sets their sites on the Big Apple as they continually deliver a crushing experience that throttles the senses and leaves you screaming for more. You might remember that the band delivered “Majesty and Decay” back in 2010 and did some short touring in this region. We caught them at The Studio at Webster Hall and it was great but we prefer to see a band like this on a larger stage and that made The Gramercy Theatre the perfect choice of venue for the gig. The tour would find them being joined by Jungle Rot and Gigan and also feature the local talent of the New Jersey based Black Metal band Immolith. Having only a small background on all of the openers, I made sure to get into the venue in time to see this show from just after it began. Here is how the night went down if you were stupid enough to miss it.

Immolith: There was a discrepancy about the actual start time and that found my friends and I arriving just towards the end of the apparently crushing set being dished out by Immolith. Without sounding like a prima donna, I am almost always unimpressed by the local openers these days because so few of them possess the necessary fire that will lead them to future greatness. This was not the case when it came to Immolith. As a Black Metal outfit the band was suitably made up in the pre-requisite Corpse Paint but their overall tunes were what was selling me. It appeared to be solid and very frenetically paced stuff that I knew I wanted to hear more of. Sadly the guys didn’t have any music for me to indulge in and if they did I didn’t see it before it was too late. Watch out for this band if you like Black Metal, I think we shall be hearing a lot about them. Gigan was up next.
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