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Motorhead’s “Motorhead” Single Hits “40” (1977-2017)

Though I wanted to get this online yesterday for the actual anniversary, I’ve been a bit numb at the news of the passing of the great Adam West whose death we had to address for our “In Memoriam” section. Now that some reflection has been done in his memory it’s time to speak about the 40th Anniversary of the single “Motorhead” by the band of the very same name. Now this is the bands second single as their first was “Leaving Here” but I felt that this one was more worthy of a toast. The song is actually a number that was written by Lemmy for the band Hawkwind who he was a member of for a few years. This was the last song that he would write for them before being dismissed for substance abuse. Fans of the tune should find a version by Hawkwind since it’s so incredibly different from the one so many of us have some to love.
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Amps Off: Lemmy Kilmister Has Passed Away (12/24/1945-12/28/2015)

It’s with great sadness that I must share the news that the great Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead has passed away. The musician, who was born Ian Fraser Kilmister, was plagued by health issues over the last couple of years but seemed to be coming along from them with proper rest. He was 70 years old and had just celebrated this milestone of a birthday on Christmas Eve. Hard Rock music and Metal on the whole have lost one of their most iconic figures. The photos below are from a group of images taken during the Jones Beach Theater performance in September. It would be their last concert in NY and sadly now the last time that many of us would see them based on today’s news.


At the show that I caught back in September I discussed with many of my friends how tired Lemmy had looked and perhaps he needed to quietly say “hey gang its been great but this is too much for me at long last” but he didn’t stop pushing and instead did a score of more shows and then the Motorboat Cruise. This man was the living embodiment of the Rock and Roll spirit and nothing was doing to get in his way or stop him from doing this as he saw fit to do so. His famous nickname is alleged to have come from his habit of asking people to “lemme a quid (fiver) till Friday”.
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