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“Heads Or Tales Live” by Saga

Artist: Saga
Title: “Heads Or Tales Live”
Label: Eagle Records
Release Date: 6/14/2011
Genre: Progressive Rock
Rating: 4/5

Depending on your musical genre of preference and your location in the world the name of the band Saga is either one that brings you to hushed inspiration or a quizzical “why do I remember that name” and while I liked some of their material over the years, I have to admit to being in the latter grouping when it comes to their very rich catalog and history. That being said, I still enjoyed their sound and was very surprised to find longtime singer Michael Sadler moving on to pursue other interests in 2007 only to be replaced by Rob Moratti. With Moratti on vocals the band released the fine “Human Condition” album and while I found it a solid piece of music the longer standing band support structure gave the singer about as much love as when Gary Cherone joined Van Halen. It was a shame because the dude did a great job on their new stuff and as is evidenced with this live album was more than capable of handling their legacy material as well. That being said, the tenure of Moratti has already ended and the band welcomed back into the fold Michael Sadler in 2011 but we get this fine example of what Rob brought to their musical table as he helps the band deliver in full their third album “Heads Or Tales”. Recorded during the 2010 tour for “The Human Condition”, the band members were Moratti (vocals), Ian Crichton (guitar), Jim Crichton (bass), Jim Gilmour (keyboards) and Brian Doerner (drums). Oddly enough instead of giving us the new material with this release, the band instead gives us a full from back to front focus on their 3rd album “Heads Or Tales”.
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“The Human Condition” by Saga

Artist: Saga
Title: “The Human Condition”
Label: InsideOut Music
Release Date: 5/19/2009
Genre: Progressive Rock
Rating: 3.5/5

You probably know this already if you are a long time fan of the band Saga, and that is the fact that long time lead singer Michael Sadler is gone from the lineup, having chosen to move on after some thirty years as its front man. That being said, you are probably already either still interested in the band or have chosen to switch your loyalty and if the latter is the case then we thank you very much for your brief attention and wish you well on your opting to give up on a band that you have probably been supporting for decades. While this is a view that I never truly admire, I can see how it happens because it is never easy for ones ears to accept “the new guy” in a band that had such a hard core following for such a long time. Let’s face it, we saw this happening to Steve Hogarth for almost 10 years after replacing Fish in the equally legendary Progressive Rock band Marillion. “The Human Condition” is a release that finds Saga also choosing to keep it going and in the place of Sadler we now find Rob Moratti who comes to them with previous work being done in the band Final Frontier. If you’ve heard Final Frontier in the past you should already know how much different a voice he possesses from Sadler, but in all honesty I hardly expected the band to successfully find a clone for the “voice of Saga” all that easily. The upside of this choice is that Moratti is a great new addition to the lineup.
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