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I Am Ghost: Live Photos @ Highline Ballroom (4/27/2009)

Logo - I Am Ghost

I Am Ghost was direct support for The Birthday Massacre and was going to be yet another new band to my musical mind when it came to this show. I discussed the overall gig on THIS LINK and now its time to enjoy a bunch of photographs that were captured during their set.

i am ghost, i am ghost concert photos
I Am Ghost by Ken Pierce (2009)

i am ghost, i am ghost concert photos
I Am Ghost by Ken Pierce (2009)

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The Birthday Massacre @ Highline Ballroom (4/27/2009)

Logo - Birthday Massacre

The Birthday Massacre
Venue: Highline Ballroom (New York, NY)
Opener: I Am Ghost, Dommin
Date: 4/27/2009
Label: Metropolis Records

It seemed like only yesterday that I was in this very same room for some live music and in truth and it was actually just this past Friday two days previous to tonight when The Cinema Bizarre took to the stage at The Highline Ballroom. That show was interesting in and of itself and one of those gigs that was not really my speed for the most part. Tonight’s menu was clearly different for the musical palate and something that would be a little more up my alley for you see this was the return of The Birthday Massacre and their opening acts of I Am Ghost and Dommin and this show crossed a wide spectrum of melody that surely had a little something for everyone. Dommin was up first and I had been hearing some good things about him.

Dommin: The band is a new signing to Roadrunner Records and having no advance music to clue me in on their style and sound beforehand I would be checking them out blind tonight. Sadly I would get into the venue after they had already started as the show seemed to start a little earlier than I would have expected it to, but on the upside I was able to ascertain a good deal about them. The group is best viewed as a Melancholy Gothic Rock type of outfit and they are fronted and led by Christopher Dommin whose voice is loaded with passion and heartache. For a lead off band tonight I had to say that they seemed to have the audience in their command as the room of attendees stood rooted to their spots as songs like “My Heart Your Hands” and “People Are People” were delivered with intensity and mood. They would only deliver about seven tunes tonight and if this is what we will find on their forthcoming album there will be a good response to it. My guess is that if you like bands like Type-O-Negative and maybe even some of the older The 69 Eyes stuff that leaned to this vibe then you will enjoy what Dommin brings to the table. I Am Ghost was up next.
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