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Fear Factory @ B.B. King Blues Club (11/8/2006)

Logo - Fear Factory

Artist: Fear Factory
Venue: B.B. King Blues Club (New York, NY)
Opener: Suffocation, Hypocrisy, Decapitated
Date: 11/8/2006
Label: Calvin Records

“The Machines At War” Tour was the listing for this particular event and to be honest it seemed like an appropriate name for a show that would combine the force of Industrial Metal masters Fear Factory along with supreme Death Metal’s Suffocation, Prog-Death’s Hypocrisy and Technical Extremists Decapitated. If you were looking for a show that would stop your heart from beating – only to kick it back into operation then this was the show to attend. The venue would be B.B. King Blues Club once again which is par for the course as far as the bigger Metal shows have been going this year however this time around something was drastically different. On almost every wall were signs that warned against moshing and believe me folks they were serious about enforcing it this evening. Here are some comments on all the bands that performed this evening.
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Nile @ B.B. King Blues Club (2/6/2006)

Logo - Nile

Artist: Nile
Venue: B.B. King Blues Club – NYC
Opener: Hypocrisy
Date: 2/6/2006
Label: Relapse Records

The appearance of Nile and Hypocrisy would be the first adventure into the Death Metal world that I would take in 2006 and to be honest I could not think of two more formidable bands to be featured on one bill. The venue would be the ever stalwart supporter of Metal (B.B. King Blues Club) and the tour billed as “The Annihilation Tour” would be just that. It is named after the new Nile release “Annihilation Of The Wicked”. Openers Soilent Green, Raging Speedhorn and Decapitated would also be performing and the full room very early in the night was a great sign of the level of interest this show had. I missed Decapitated in their entirety and some friends told me that they truly kicked some ass. I did catch SPV Records artist Raging Speedhorn and found them to be as energetic and intense live as Soilent Green. However, both bands are on the new side for my listening and will be looked more into in the future. Through all of these sets of brutality you could see the response positive and feel the excitement as they were getting ready for Hypocrisy and Nile.
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“Virus” by Hypocrisy

Artist: Hypocrisy
Title: “Virus”
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Release Date: 11/1/2005
Genre: Progressive Death Metal
Rating: 8/10

Swedish Death Metal masters Hypocrisy return once again with the highly infectious release “Virus”. It is a smart follow up to 2004’s “The Arrival” and there are a few different reasons that this album will strike you harder than a steel toed boot. The band is led by Metal Mastermind Peter Tagtgren who is considered by some to be a Renaissance Man as far as the genre is concerned. Not only has he produced some of the heaviest artists around (Dimmu Borgir, Marduk and Immortal) but also with other projects like his Gothic/Industrial band “Pain”. All of these elements combined with his love of the extraterrestrial theme and his skills in Extreme Metal give you an excellent display of power that is not easily recovered from. The lineup of Hypocrisy is Tagtgren (vocals, guitar, keys), Mikael Hedlund (bass), Andreas Holma (guitar), and Horgh (drums). This foursome is brutal on album and especially live, which is the true way to enjoy Hypocrisy’s powerful brand of Metal. While it is labeled Death, I am hard pressed to agree with that or the Extreme title as there are subtle moments and softer growls mixed between the crushing impact that is often the case in many of their songs. Given this, I felt the group leans more to the Progressive Death side which is where we find Dark Tranquility falling. This development without an ounce of sacrifice in the delivery guarantees Hypocrisy will be around for a long time. The band has already existed for 10 years but it has only been in the last couple that the US Fan base has been able to witness their brand of onslaught.
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Soilwork @ B.B. King Blues Club (5/1/2005)

Logo - Soilwork

Artist: Soilwork
Venue: B.B. King Blues Club – NYC
Opener: Dark Tranquility, Hypocrisy and Mnemic
Date: 5-1-2005
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Genre: Heavy Metal

It was clear very early in the night that this was to be another one of those great nights to see a show. It was tonight that Soilwork was to begin their US Leg of their first headlining tour in support of their Nuclear Blast Records release “Stabbing The Drama”. I was really loving the CD and I had never seen them in action before. Joining them for the grand spectacle would be Dark Tranquility, Hypocrisy and Mnemic. Each of these groups offer an interesting blend of Heavy Metal for you to enjoy. It would be at B.B. King Blues Club and even though I had been here about a dozen times already in the past I was set to get myself on an almost continual run of shows at the place.
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