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“Live In Glasgow” by Paul Rodgers

Artist: Paul Rodgers
Title: “Live In Glasgow”
Label: Eagle Records
Release Date: 4/16/2007
Genre: Rock/Blues
Rating: 4/5

His voice is legendary and his name quite possibly one of the most respected in Rock music history. Should you be wondering about whom I am speaking of, well this is none other than Mr. Paul Rodgers. The acclaimed Blues Rock singer’s talent shines in the works of bands like Free, Bad Company and The Firm and in recent times has been tied together with the guys in Queen. It’s quite the musical resume and it is clear that some of the most cherished numbers from his expansive career are no longer merely songs but defining pieces of music from Rock’s most prolific years. With all this being said, we find Mr. Rodgers captured live and in concert at a sold-out show in Glasgow, Scotland back in 2006 where he delivers a little bit of everything for an eager audience. The single CD affair finds seventeen tracks that seems to appropriately cover a wide span of the singer’s career and let’s face it, one such as Paul cannot touch upon every single release and band that he has worked with for to do so would find this to be a multiple CD release that would cover a number of different volumes. The crème de la crème is what is delivered here and I am doubtful that once you begin playing it that you would argue with me.
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Paul Rodgers @ B.B. King Blues Club (9/27/2007)

If you are well-schooled in the history of Rock music then you know the talents of Mr. Paul Rodgers very well. The legendary singer made incredible music with bands like Free, Bad Company, The Firm and most recently alongside the members of Queen. The chance to see him perform in such an intimate space as B.B. King Blues Club was a no brainer and you can learn more by scrolling past the logo below.

Logo - Paul Rodgers

Artist: Paul Rodgers
Venue: B. B. King Blues Club (New York, NY)
Opener: n/a
Date: 9/27/2007
Label: Eagle Records

There are legends, and then there are the legends among those legends, and when it comes down to it singer Paul Rodgers is definitely one who holds this type of status when compared to his music industry peers. The world first heard him with Free and then Bad Company, the latter being my own first introduction to “The Voice” and that bands music adding crucial building blocks to my own Rock music interest. His prolific career found him working with lead guitarist Jimmy Page in The Firm, and while this band was never my own cup of tea it did some good for those who appreciated it. The most recent years of Paul’s career have found him working with Brian May and Roger Taylor of Queen in their “Queen and Paul Rodgers” outings and while this project had been met with mixed commentary, it was great to find friends working together for the common musical good when it came down to it. Now on what appeared to be a break from the Queen outings, we found Paul doing a night of material at the venerated B.B. King Blues Club and there was no way that I was going to miss seeing him perform in such intimate quarters.
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