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PiercingMetal Is “Leaping Tall Buildings” @ Housing Works NYC (7/17/2012)

If there is one things that I love most about being a music scribe and photographer, it’s that you get the chance to meet a host of wonderful and talented people during your adventures and that is what brings me to this next particular event. Let me scroll back and reflect how during the 2011 Book Expo America we happened upon the Hermes Press booth and met their then publicist Chris Irving. As media outlets both Skeleton Pete and I kept in touch with Chris but as we often find happening in this business, Chris would move on to other pursuits and I would lose track of his adventuring for the time being. Then as luck would have it, while planning out some new events with Pete, he mentioned reading about this happening in Time Out magazine. Apparently Chris and a colleague had put out a book and would be having a discussion about the material at the Housing Works Bookstore Cafe in New York City.

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