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The Foreboding Night Grows Colder; Horror Icon Wes Craven Has Died (1939-2015)

Late last night I caught the Instagram posting from a friend in media citing the sad news that Horror Mastermind Wes Craven had passed away. He was 76 years old.

Photo - Wes Craven

In today’s world the words “mastermind” and “genius” are used far too easily and frequently (for example anything that was brought up on the MTV VMA’s which aired earlier that night). That’s all bunk to me but when it comes to a creative like Craven this so truly applies. Thanks to his influence, so many millions of us were afraid of the dark again based on creepy creations such as Freddy Krueger who began his dream time terrorizing in “A Nightmare On Elm Street”. Craven would remain on creative point for his impacting serial killer until “A Nightmare On Elm Street: Dream Warriors” (that’s the one with the song by Dokken in case you didn’t know). Deep down we knew that none of what was seen on the screen would ever be able to happen in real life but even with that being the case, wandering down a dark alley alone or with a single friend became all the more spookier. It was also fodder for those with twisted senses of humor who would hope to startle you at one point or another. Sleeping soundly was sometimes not an easy task after the first “Nightmare” film was released. Thanks for that Wes.

Craven also was the co-creator of the spooktastic Ghost Face who shocked and startled many thanks to his appearances in the “Scream” movies. Thanks to these efforts a simple loudly ringing phone on a quiet night would make you jump out of your seat. Especially if your mind raced and feared someone like that was on the other end of the line. Of course that would never work today since no one really seems to answer the phone anymore. To be honest I am not as much the horror guy as my friends are but I can say that I loved the stuff that Craven gave to us while he was here. In the end it would be brain cancer that took him from us. Thank you Wes for giving the world even more things that go bump in the night along with reasons to look cautiously around every dark corner, “just in case” – If not for your ideas so many of us would have gotten over our fears of the dark. May you Rest in Peace. Fans can learn more about the life and background of Wes Craven on his Wiki entry below.

Official Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wes_Craven