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Anvil Announces “Hope In Hell” Spring 2014 Tour

The card carrying members of the Anvil Pounder’s Union will be excited at the news that those Canuckleheads of Metal will be returning for a Spring 2014 tour that they are calling “Hope In Hell”. It’s the name of their most recent album in case you didn’t know and more information comes after the poster below.

The Press Release:
Together now for over thirty five years, the band Anvil received a shot of adrenaline toward their Metal renaissance thanks to the “Anvil: Story Of Anvil” film back in 2008. It was through this documentary that more and more fans found themselves discovering this “brand new Metal thing”so many years after their original inception. Fronted by the Wildman himself, Lips Kudlow along with the pounding drums of the great master Robb Reiner the band continues to deliver exciting and fun Metal shows with Sal Italiano on the bass. It’s loud, it’s fast and its obnoxious at times but at the end of the day you know exactly what you witnessed and you will likely return time and again when possible. The tour seems to begin in our own NYC (bolded below) and helps our concert going fans properly close out on “March Metal Madness” and you can bet that I am going to plan on being there to bring our faraway fans into the mix.
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