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“Hoodoo” by Krokus

Artist: Krokus
Title: “Hoodoo”
Label: Sony Music
Release Date: 5/25/2010
Genre: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
Rating: 3.5/5

I have to admit that with all of the comeback albums that we found happening over the last couple of years, there was one band that I wondered about a little more than others and that was Switzerland’s Krokus. Historically speaking they are probably the most popular Heavy Rock band to ever come out of the region and while they had some six albums before I turned my attention to them, I could not name a single Metal friend from back in the day that didn’t own a copy of the amazing “Headhunter” LP. With my own musical tastes changing and longing for super-powered speedier Metal, I would eventually lose sight of Krokus after “The Blitz” but that didn’t mean the band would stop their pace. Though lineup changes and musical styles of the world keep shifting, Krokus remained steady at the task and released sixteen studio albums, two live recordings and gave their fans a lucky seven in terms of compilations. Bringing us into the now, what would “Hoodoo” hold for the longtime ardent supporters and those who might be reflective and wondering how this band they once followed was doing at this point in their career. To both sides of the fence I can happily report that “it is on” and the band seems intent on snaring some of the glory of the past in this modern time. I realize that it’s a bold statement to make but one cannot help but be enthusiastic in the fact that the band has once again found its most legendary lineup in the command back for the attack. Not only is Chris Von Rohr on bass with Freddy Steady on drums, but we have the amazing talents of Fernando von Arb back on the lead axe with Mark Kohler being a strong compliment to his playing. Whew, there is nothing like finding a bands most prominent roster joining forces again for the sake of their material.
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